Meer Abru Episode 18 & 19 Story Review – Change of Dynamics

Opening Thoughts – Change of Dynamics:

Ohkay so, these episodes of Meer Abru once again took the story forward & focused on the changing dynamics of the entire Murad family on both personal & professional levels. Where some of the family members did their best to do the right thing, others were adamant on doing everything that is wrong. This is what I love about Meer Abru that this drama is like a complete package which covers all the aspects of the characters’ lives, that too in such a brilliant manner!

Meer Has Made His Decision:

Jamal & Ghazanfar made sure to bring Haya into their home because they wanted to rectify the mistake that Waleed committed. Waleed obviously still fails to see his wrongdoing & continues to argue that he has nothing to do with Haya even after he knows that she is expecting their baby. Zebi tried really hard to talk Jamal out of his decision but I liked how Jamal slapped her with a bitter reality of how she has failed as a mother. Zebi really can not take the credit for being an ideal mother to both Saim & Waleed because like Jamal said, she was always a bit too pre-occupied with her social life. Even though what Zebi wants is something evil but luckily for her, Meer is onto achieving exactly that without even worrying about the consequences or the fact that he is hurting his own family by doing all of this. Zebi will never openly admit that this is what she wants but deep inside she is quite happy that Meer is working in the favor of her agenda as well.

Haya might have come to Waleed’s house but she exactly knows that she is just being imposed on him. Even though it is unfortunate that Haya is facing all of this but then she has also realized that this is not anybody else’s mistake but her own. At least Haya’s bubble has burst therefore she won’t be too affected after witnessing more atrocities that Waleed will commit because this is something that he is not even hiding or sugar-coating in front of Abru as well as Haya. Jamal, Ghazanfar, Saira & even Meer have showed support to Haya but then she is completely aware of the circumstances in which she has been brought to this house so it is still very hard for Haya to act normal & come to terms with everything.

Meer has now openly declared that he is going to part his ways with Saim & that he can not continue to work with him. This has obviously not only forced Jamal & Ghazanfar to think about Meer’s reasons but has also forced Saira to speak up. Jamal & Ghazanfar are still in the dark about the fact that Meer loved Abru & he is doing it all on the basis of a misunderstanding but Saira tried to make everyone realize that Meer must be having a strong reason behind it. Both Saim & even Meer do not want to put Abru in an awkward position in front of Jamal & Ghazanfar but they will eventually find out as this has now started affecting their family business as well as their reputation so they both are not going to take it lightly. Also, one of the best scenes this week was Saira’s response to Ghazanfar’s same old accusation of her failing as a mother. Everything that Saira said actually did force Ghazanfar to think for a second about all that she has done her entire life. Saira should give it back to Ghazanfar more often, I’d love to see that happen again & again.

Well, just when I was super happy with the fact that there are no annoying characters in this drama & that everyone has something special to contribute towards the story, we got Maha. Maha happens to be Meer’s cousin but she is best of friends with Saim & she seemed a bit dumb headed to not really acknowledge the fact that Saim was now married & that she was making Abru totally awkward with her immaturity.

Closing Thoughts – Super Interesting:

Overall, these two episodes of Meer Abru were perfect just like all the previous episodes & now it seems another chapter is going to be unfolded with Maha in the picture because we all can predict what she is here for. Meer was once again seeking pleasure with the fact that Maha’s chumminess with Saim was making Abru a bit uncomfortable, it was like he could see that Abru will now understand what Meer goes through seeing her with Saim as his wife. Meer’s character has to be the most interesting aspect of this drama because it is the same Meer who handled Haya Waleed’s case with so much of maturity but when it comes to Abru & Saim, he is not giving them a benefit of doubt. Super interesting so far. Can not wait to see the remaining episodes. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Meer Abru.

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