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Meera Jee and her twitter savagery!

Meera Jee is on fire these days. Twitterati are shocked by her constant savagery. Be it government, prejudiced actors or tharki awaam; no one is safe from the fire of her words. Take a look who got under fire and what you get when you try to cross the diva.

Maryam Nawaz’s praises for her father’s good governance didn’t go well with Meera Jee:

And well she cannot be blamed for this; this is a question every Pakistani wants to ask:

And then Maryam got asked about “Awam ki khidmat”:

Anddddddd you never question Meera Jee about her twitter rants; that too with a fake name:

When Meera Jee gave a sound piece of advice to Rishi uncle:

And she celebrates Pakistan’s win in style:

But still not forget to call out government on their duties:

And then Adnan Sami got served with what he deserves:

When she summed up the stupid personality of internet trolls:

Meera is beautiful and she owned it in the most savage way:

We wish Meera Jee will keep us entertained with her savage tweets in future too!