Meera Jee & Hamza Ali Abbasi Roast Ushna Shah

Recently, Ushna Shah took to social media to expose the hypocrisy of people who preach about Ramzan but end up doing the opposite.

She criticized celebrities and went ahead and exposed the doubles standards in the Pakistani showbiz industry. However, not all celebrities were in favor of her hypocrisy letter. After Hamza Ali Abbasi, it’s Meera Jee who decided to hit back at Ushna Shah.

Here’s what the veteran actress said:

Ushna has not responded to Meera’s tweet yet however, one can expect a hoard of opinions to be exchanged.

The post didn’t go well with Hamza Ali Abbasi as well.

The actor, who is known for his bold stance took to Facebook and seems like, his post had something to do with Ushna Shah’s recent viral note.

Hamza Ali Abbasi feels that people who change during Ramzan shouldn’t be mocked for doing so.

Rimsha Butt