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Meera Jee Has Yet Again Predicted Something For Government



Meera Jee has once again taken a 360 turn in her comments and stance which she had earlier. While it was just a day or two ago when she said that Imran Khan should stop pushing hard for the government, today she has taken a U-turn again. This time, becoming an astrologer, Meera has predicted that the next election win will definitely go to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

She further said that Pakistan Muslim League and Nawaz Sharif will continued to be exposed further for the world to see. Meera Jee went on to say that the nation is with Imran Khan and they all are gearing up for his win in General Elections, 2018.

What’s more is that she will be getting married soon, but isn’t ready to reveal the name of her partner to-be just yet. You know, evil eyes and all. Right? She believes that every time she comes clean about her marriage, countless obstacles are created in her path to happiness.

For all we can guess, Meera has her way with antics to get media attention.

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