Mehndi Designs For Eid 2020

Eid is incomplete without mehndi. Mehndi is not just about decorating hands but it is also the most ideal way for girls to celebrate this special occasion. The ritual of applying mehndi is deeply embodied in the culture of the subcontinent. Applying mehndi requires expertise and creativity. In this age of social media, there is no dearth of ideas to apply mehndi. Days before Eid may girls start shortlisting their favorite mehndi designs. Every year, mehndi artists come up with more beautiful designs. There are also some designs which are evergreen. Some girls are such experts that they can even apply the most intricate designs themselves. There are many families that have get-togethers on chand raat for the sole purpose of applying mehndi. Even in this lockdown situation, we are pretty sure that the ladies will be applying mehndi therefore we have gathered the most attractive designs for inspiration.

Here are some of the most stunning mehndi designs for Eid 2020.



Elaborate Mehndi Designs

These elaborate mehndi designs require a great deal of hard work but they come out looking exceptionally beautiful. Newly-weds would love these designs because they are also considered bridal mehndi designs. There are other girls who love elaborate designs even though they are not married. For all those girls out there who like their mehndi this way, some of these designs are bound to be their favorite.

mehndi mehndi1 mehndi2 mehndi3 mehndi4 mehndi5 mehndi6 mehndi7 mehndi8 mehndi9 mehndi10

Beautiful Mehndi Designs 

Some of the most beautiful mehndi designs are those which do not cover the entire hand. These designs have been crafted by experts. They are artsy and attractive. These are also the kind of designs that require a great deal of time applying but the final application will make anyone’s hand look more beautiful than ever. We are pretty sure that most girls will love these appealing designs.

mehndi 1 mehndi1 1 mehndi2 1 mehndi3 1 mehndi4 1 mehndi5 1 mehndi6 1 mehndi7 1 mehndi8 1 mehndi9 1 mehndi10 1

Simple Mehndi Designs

There are so many girls out there who like their mehndi designs simple. These simple mehndi designs look equally attractive and require half the effort. If you are someone who cannot sit down for a long time for getting the mehndi applied then these designs are ideal for you.

mehndi 2 mehndi1 2 mehndi2 2 mehndi3 2 mehndi4 2 mehndi5 2 mehndi6 2 mehndi7 2 mehndi8 2 mehndi9 2 mehndi10 2 mehndi11 mehndi12 mehndi13 mehndi14 mehndi15

White Mehndi Designs

White mehndi is the latest trend which is also preferred by brides all around the globe. This white mehndi looks especially appealing when complemented with glitter or stones. This mehndi looks great and is different than the traditional mehndi. These designs are definitely exceptionally pretty!

mehndi 3 mehndi1 3 mehndi2 3 mehndi3 3 mehndi4 3 mehndi5 3 mehndi6 3 mehndi7 3

Mehndi Designs For Kids

Little girls also love getting mehndi applied. They enjoy it even more if the mehndi designs are age-appropriate. Kids love butterflies, smileys, and birds. There are other fun ways of decorating kids’ hands with mehndi. These mehndi designs for kids will surely give mothers the perfect ideas which they can easily apply to their kids themselves.

mehndi 4 mehndi1 4 mehndi2 4 mehndi3 4 mehndi4 4 mehndi5 4 mehndi6 4 mehndi7 4 mehndi8 3 mehndi9 3 mehndi10 3

Most Unique Mehndi Designs 

Some mehndi designs are so unique that they grab the attention of the onlooker immediately.  These designs will surely be liked by all the mehndi lovers out there. These designs just go to show that the person applying the mehndi can let their imagination flow while thinking about designs. There is surely no limit to creativity.

mehndi 5 mehndi1 5 mehndi2 5 mehndi3 5 mehndi4 5

Mehndi Designs For Feet

Mehndi designs when applied intricately look even prettier on the feet. When complemented with the perfect pair of sandals or heels, these designs accentuate the appeal of your entire look. Women love wearing mehndi on their feet. Here are some of the best designs which you should try this Eid. It will add that added appeal to your Eid look.

mehndi 6 mehndi1 6 mehndi2 6 mehndi3 6 mehndi4 6 mehndi5 5 mehndi6 5 mehndi7 5 mehndi8 4 mehndi9 4 mehndi10 4 mehndi11 1 mehndi12 1 mehndi13 1

Red Mehndi Designs 

Red mehndi is the most traditional form of mehndi and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The mehndi designs in red mehndi are similar to the one in others but they have a different kind of appeal. Here are some really stunning designs in red mehndi that looks amazing! Red mehndi is applied to the nails as well, there is no need to apply nail color then.

mehndi 7 mehndi1 7 mehndi2 7 mehndi3 7 mehndi4 7 mehndi5 6 mehndi6 6 mehndi7 6

Heart-Shaped Mehndi Designs 

There are so many different ways of incorporating a heart shape into your mehndi designs. These designs range from traditional to modern. All of them will be loved by those who like heart-shaped designs in their mehndi patterns.

mehndi 8 mehndi1 8 mehndi2 8 mehndi3 8 mehndi4 8 mehndi5 7 mehndi6 7 mehndi7 7 mehndi8 5 mehndi9 5

Glitter Mehndi Designs

Adding glitter to the mehndi designs makes it sparkly and more colorful. Matching the shade of glitter with the outfit and the nail colors makes it look even more attractive. Such a mehndi design would look perfect on Eid when matched with the color of the dress.

mehndi1 9 mehndi2 9 mehndi3 9 mehndi4 9 mehndi5 8 mehndi6 8 mehndi7 8 mehndi9 6 mehndi10 5

Which mehndi design will you be trying this Eid?


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