Mehwish Hayat Takes a Dig At Shahrukh on Vilify Pakistan

Mehwish Hayat on twitter has tweeted about Shahrukh khan ‘s upcoming  Netflix production whose trailer has just got posted on Netflix. Mehwish Hayat while sharing his post tweeted that it indicates what I said was true they are up with another story about Pakistanis and Pakistan as terrorists and Indians as soldiers and heroes, she said that everytime they come up with this dirty meligning propaganda and people actually don’t believe that they have destroyed whole image of what we really are this is the proof to the world that see this trailer which was depicting complete picture of terrorist activities linked to Pakistan.

She tweeted that ” This just vindicates what I have been saying for so long. Another week & yet another anti-Pakistan project. Now can we wake up, smell the coffee & see Bollywood’s agenda for what it is?@iamsrk Be patriotic, nobody is stopping you – just don’t do it at the expense of vilifying us.”

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She said to Shahrukh khan you have all the rights to be patriotic and loyal but don’t do it at the cost of vilifying us, it is great that Mehwish has taken up this responsibility of diverting attention of the world on this hateful nature of Indian celebrities because she is noticeable, her voice is strong and heard loud and clear. One example of her loud and clear voice was, being heard in Oslo, Norway where she was awarded their national award and soon after that she was called by multiple international channels and was asked about brutalities of Indians on Kashmir.
We love her for that, may her voice be stronger and louder.

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On the other hand there is no Indian on Shahrukh’s post as pakistani warriors has taken over comments section with Indian terrorist Yadav’s pictures.

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  • If only the common Pakistanis would stop watching Bollywood film whether in cinema or bootleg copies

  • This is what Pakistan is. The problem is they themself not realizing what they become so far.

  • Wow this girl lives in la la land, I guess 26/11 was just a stray occurence,or for that matter guys like Senor Hafeez Saeed and the rest are saints. U ever wonder how Osama was a state guest in your country. Please before castigating India and the World do a little introspection, like the good book says before casting stones at others U know the rest.hope U find peace now’.

  • Truth is always bitter. Madam. Instead of giving lacture to Mr Shahrukh Khan, advice Mr Imran Khan to leave the policy of sponsering state terror

  • Pakistan is a trader of terror…only antihuman country in the world…why r Pakistanis so much afraid of their reality???
    Accept the truth before u r drained into cesspool of religious terror…

  • Yeah, it really requires immense suspension of disbelief to imagine the people of a Nation that is harboring/has harbored Dawood Ibrahim, Mullah Omar, ISI and Osama bin Laden as terrorists and villains.

    Why don’t you pressurise your govt to stop funding terrorism and the rest of the world will be kinder towards you in their movies.

  • Mehwish Hayat is that type of cat which eats fish with eyes closed and expect nobody is watching. Everybody knows that pakisthan us a terror state. Ask your leaders why they have built the image of your nation. A nation born out of hatered can only spread terror and hate.

  • Yes terriosm is worst its should be stopped then why you r not helping srk! you have money fame just go afganistan defeat taliban instead critisizing another country he just want money and fake awards

  • We’re proud of u mehwish❤ we should fight for our image and potrayal it’s not the first time Indians and there so called musalman actor’s are playing dirty they’ll be finished and would be taken to an unknown place where no one could ever find there trases. We should all be one 👍 and be serious about kashmiris aj nhee tu Kab? Forget that they can be your friends never they are our worst enimies. Indian content should be permently banned seriously promote our talent our movies enough is enough. KASHMIR BANAY GA PAKISTAN IA.

  • Why Pakistani watch BW films,they are mindless copy of HW films. The pak abroad and Pakistan should stopped watching BW films ,this will affect their 40% bussiness they get from Pakistan. This is the only way you registered your protest. India has banned pak films since the 1970’s. None of the Indians abroads goes to see Pakistani films,or artists abroads. So,why do pak not respecting their own country,by saying no to BW ! Watch Turkish movies and dramas,way better,with naturally good looking artists. Plus,hire writers from Pakistani abroad who can write screen plays,make movie about capturing Indian pilot , the failed mission of India and the Indian spy spreading terror in Pakistan ,tell Pakistan truth through Pakistani films ,this is only way you will build your Pakistani narrative ! India will not build a positive narrative of Pakistan ,high time to understand this fact !

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