Zainab Qayoom Is Disappointed With Samina Peerzada’s Show

Another guest of Samina Peerzada had bad experience on her show.

The web series with our very own polite Pakistani actress Samina Peerzada. Instead of a TV show, she is having her show on world wide web. Samina Peerzada’s latest series was created by Peerzada in collaboration with Muhammad Adnan Butt of Walnut Studios. With over 160,000 subscribers, and over 400,000 views on its most popular uploads, the channel is dedicated to broadcasting the show Rewind by Samina Peerzada. Each episode features a Pakistani celebrity where they share their journeys, struggles and success stories. Every season has different title. Season 1 is Rewind while as, season 2 is Speak you heart. 

Rewind with Samina Peerzada Juggan Kazim


The show is not your average Pakistani show. She asks serious questions which brings out the best of the guest. We also get to hear  painful stories of the people from industry. The unseen side of celebrities is revealed in this show.

Samina has hosted many guests. From singers to stand-up comedians to directors. The guests so far are:

Ahsan Khan, Mahira Khan, Adnan Siddiqui, Wahab Riaz, Sana Mir, Asim Azhar, Ali Azmat, Aima Baig, Hadiqa Kiani, Ushna Shah, Nabila, Bilal Abbas Khan and many more.

Recently, Zainab Qayoom was invited as a guest. She shared her experience and she was not feeling all comfortable with questions. When Samina asked her about her father’s death exeperience and how she felt about it. Zainab felt pretty weird and she tweeted:


This is not the first time someone had said something negative about this show but previously, there was huge wave of memes on this show. As Pakistanis are already famous for their meme game, they left no chance of making everyone laugh. Here are some famous meme:

The show has mix reviews. But this show gives right amount of entertainment. She isn’t just experimenting on a new digital medium but also offering more than just a causal chat with a celebrity.




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  • Oh just shutup u swollen apricot lady !!!

    Samina z very gentle and kind woman ..if u were not comfortable u could easily ask her ..
    She respects and cares her guests ..
    Ye to aap log “railoo kattai” hain jo waha jaakar duniya jahaan ki ghamo ko ambaar kartai hain wo bechaari to chup rehti hai console karti hai space deti hai aap logo kai apnai dil wahaan khaali kardo ..itni he takleef to gaye kiyo waapis aa jaati ..
    Really pakeeza phuppo ho to apka character seletion level hai

    • check another one kabhi nahaty huye sabun balti mein gira hai insaan kitna be bas mehsoos krta hy na

  • seriously if u think like that then don’t go on & don’t watch it, if u don’t want to talk about something then just say so b4 the show, I can’t believe that they ask the questions without going through with the guests first, I love watching the show

  • Some of her questions are stupid and condesending. She thinks she knows everything yet some of her thoughts/ideas on depression are very ill informed. Many guests then correct her but she continues the same assumptions. What annoys me the most of self proclaimed feminist is the show being sponsored by Fair and Lovely!

  • Everyone knows , Samina Peerzada’s questions. Everyone have options 1. Not to come in show. 2. Tell her in advance not to ask such Q. 3. Not to answer her Q. 4. Not to see show.

  • What a show…!! Samina explores human-side n not the star-side of a celebrity’s life that viewers can actually relate to n love to know about…
    Didnt expect this shallow behaviour from ZQ…

  • >