Mein Sitara Episode 29 Review – Sitara’s Revenge

“Bojh sirf roti ka nahi hota, rooh ka bhi hota hai!” This episode of Mein Sitara showed that Sitara had been harboring grudges all these years and that was the main reason why she resorted to drugs and even with a running business and a daughter who valued her, she could not see the positive aspects of her life. All this time what she wanted more than anything else was an opportunity to get back at Illyas Khawaja for what he put her through. She failed to forgive and move on therefore what we saw in this recent episode was not a decision made by a mother but by a woman who wanted to take revenge. Pappu was once again the voice of reason, he continuously kept on giving Sitara reality checks but she refused to listen. She was not willing to let go of this golden opportunity and was being extremely selfish.

Falak’s character has been etched-out beautifully, she is the person Sitara once was when she too felt sheltered and loved. Falak is intelligent, practical, ambitious and loving. Anum Fayyaz has done complete justice to her character even though this is the first time she is playing a role like this one. Unfortunately, Sitara is exploiting her daughter’s love for her without thinking about how it might effect her. Apart from this twist in Sitara’s character, the other shocking twist was Illyas Khawaja’s change of heart. After losing a daughter who did not only have the same name as Falak but had similar interests too Illyas Khawaja feels he has found his daughter in Falak and wants to help her make her dreams come true. Sitara however thinks that Illyas Khawaja is interested in Falak in the same way he was interested in Sitara at one point and will not help her further her career. It was sad watching Sitara resort to such measures to take revenge from Illyas Khawaja. Even though she said to Pappu that Falak will never know that he was her father but later on she said that when he makes a move on her she will take Falak with her and go and confront him. Tipu Shah has been phenomenal as Pappu right from the beginning.

Sitara’s side of the story keeps on getting darker with every passing episode but Falak’s track keeps the drama from getting too depressing. Even after so many weeks the writer still has some shocking twists in store for the viewers which definitely have an impact every time. Also, Mein Sitara is still as unpredictable and enticing today as it was when it started, this is what makes this drama a success in my eyes. This was a picture perfect episode which put the story on a brand new track. The picture quality of Mein Sitara is always superb and the person incharge of the makeovers has done a brilliant job throughout. Illyas Khawaja really did look like he had been through a lot. Losing his daughter aged him more than anything else. The flashback scenes clearly suggested that he had a very strong bond with his daughter and the fact that she died in such a tragic manner while she was talking to him must have added to his grief. The actress playing Illyas Khawaja’s daughter was the only weak link in this episode.

In this episode the viewers did not only get to see a different side of Sitara’s character but we also saw a very different side of Illyas Khawaja’s character as well. Nauman Ijaz’s performance was faultless in tonight’s episode and this episode was directed skillfully too. The preview of the next episode showed Illyas Khawaja uttering those lines which the viewers have heard him saying many years back which made me wonder if my reading about Illyas Khawaja was wrong but all those scenes in which he kept on thinking about his daughter did suggest that Falak reminded him of his daughter. Also, the preview of the next episode showed Sitara getting frustrated because of the fact that Illyas Khawaja had not made a move on her daughter. It looks like Illyas Khawaja will unknowingly help his daughter make her dreams come true! Will Sitara forgive him then and move on? I am waiting to find out.

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Fatima Awan

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