Memes and Bloopers of Aasmanon Pay Likha

Aasmanon Pay Likha is one of the most popular dramas on air right now. The promos were enough to attract people. A bit of cheesy romance is always liked by the audiences since most shows nowadays address social issues. The story might have many flaws, and Sheheryar Munawar’s acting may not be perfect, but still viewers do not forget to tune into this show every week. The highlight of this show is the chemistry between the leads and Sajjal Ali’s flawless acting.

This show has gone viral on the social media too, thanks to its highly active official facebook page. There are two official pages of current dramas which are pretty active. One is the facebook page of Aasmanon Pay Likha and the other is of Numm. Aasmanon Pay Likha has started posting Memes for the promotion of the serial. Last time I saw so many memes going around the social media, it was for the show Humsafar. Memes are always a good marketing strategy especially on the social media. Here are a few hilarious memes that they shared on their page:


photo 1(1)

photo 1(12)

photo 2(6)

photo 2

photo 2

photo 3(1) photo 3
photo 3 photo 4(1) photo 4
photo 5 photo 5


If this was not enough, they also released a few bloopers on the request of fans.

Here are the videos:

Aasmanon Pe Likha-Blooper1 by GeoTV

Aasmanon Pe Likha-Blooper2 by GeoTV


Share your  views about these memes and bloopers!

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