Mere Humrahi Episode 15 – Ahad’s Games Continues…

First of all, sorry for the extremely late review, last week was pretty hectic. Now coming to the episode, it was just a continuation of Ahad’s schemes, and now he is even using his own sister as a pawn in his plan. Haaniyah is the only one who knows what he is up to, and the only reason she is quiet is because she does not want to break Ahmed and his parents’ heart by revealing what he is up to.

Just when I thought Ahad could not get any lower, he surprised me, and we got to see some real down market tactics used by him. When Zehra saw him troubling Haaniyah, and was on the verge of revealing his façade, he used her as a pawn in his plan. He knew her weakness was the guy she was in love with, and he won her over by promising to help her convince everyone to accept her choice. And the naïve Zehra believed him, even after seeing how he was betraying Ahmed and the family, she still chose to believe him. Maybe because it was her last glimmer of hope?

In this episode, the concentration was more on Zehra’s track. How she was being a bit stubborn about marrying anyone other than the guy she was in love with. The whole house got worried when they heard of this, and Ahmed even found out a bit about the guy and he was in no way a match for his sister. Ahad became the savior of the day when he convinced (more like manipulated) Zehra to agree to marry Zain for the time being, and then he will think of something else. Ahmed and his parents couldn’t be happier to see the change in Ahad, and how responsible he had become!

Haaniyah got to know his real intentions when she overheard the conversation between him and Zehra. I personally think she should have gone and told Ahmed everything when she saw him using Zehra for his selfish purposes. But she chose to give him one last warning first! Haaniyah is going to get in a lot of trouble for keeping quiet, I am sure of that! And plus, her mother-in-law saw her coming out of Ahad’s room in the night and this is enough to plant a seed of doubt in her mind.

I do not mind watching Zehra’s track; at least it is better than watching the outspoken and outrageous Samina. Finally, she got her wish and now she is expecting. Things are also getting better between her and Ahsan, and I hope it remains like that. Samina’s mother was giving Samina the special treatment because of her condition, but what about her own daughter-in-law who is in the same condition? She works to the bone, and is not given a word of appreciation at the end of the day. Mother-in-laws will always be mother-in-laws, wouldn’t they?

The best part of the episode was of course all Ahmed and Haaniyah scenes. My personal favorite one this week was the scene where Haaniyah was praying, and Ahmed comes and watches her. This scene gave me a déjà vu feeling because we have seen similar scenes in other shows too. Right now I can recall two: Dastaan and Humsafar. Even though we have seen this kind of scene before, it was still enjoyable to watch it in this show too. The awkward situation they both got into when Ahmed’s parents asked when they are going to hear the good news was hilarious, especially Ahad’s expressions.

The preview for the next episode was a bit scary in my opinion. In the upcoming episodes, I have a feeling we will see everyone having doubts in their mind about Ahad and Haaniyah. I really hope Ahmed does not think the same though! He is very understanding, and I hope he always stands by Haaniyah’s side.

I would love to hear your opinion about the episode, so do leave a comment!

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Mariam Shafiq


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