Mera Yaar Miladay – The Blame Game – Episodes 16 & 17

So where do I start? Everyone is either offering themselves up for blame or blaming the other. If Dabbu had not thrown Fahd out he would not have run off with Mushq and a half baked plan, eventually ditching Mushq. If Mushq had not run away Zeba would not have ended up with Niyaaz, correction, evil nand. If Striker had not opened his mouth, Mushq’s feelings would not have been hurt and she would not have run away for the umpteenth time. If Mushq had not run away in the first place then Dabbu would not have had to worry about leaving the mohalla. If Fahd had not left for Karachi his mother would not have been wailing buckets. If Mushq had not bumped into Fahd at that wedding then none of this mess would have started. And if the day I thought of writing my very first review had not been the day this drama had aired its first episode, I would not be writing weekly reviews on the drama. Not to go all Dabbu-Striker on you all, but yeh sub kismet ka khail hai meray dost!

But here we are. So Zeba is not willing to forgive Mushq and egged on by her nand she asks Mushq to leave her alone. She later visits her and makes it clear to her that she wants nothing to do with her ever. She also blames her for the misery she is living in. Oh well. Mushq accepts Dabbu’s offer and goes to stay in his house. Obviously the mohalla is outraged and Aslam issues an ultimatum to Dabbu to either throw Mushq out or leave the mohalla by the next evening. Master Sb truly does not want Mushq in his life for he stood there as the ultimatum was issued and really could not care less what happens to Mushq.


Aww Dado aww. I teared up when she says to her son that she promised her daughter on law on her deathbed that she would raise her daughters as her own. And Dado really did stand by her promise. Such a positive beautiful character and so refreshingly different from the grandmothers and saas that our dramas love to portray. Seems like Zeba vented out all her marital frustrations on Mushq when she screeched and threw Mushq out from her father’s house when Dado dies. Not sure what the point was to kill off Dado’s character though. I suppose we will have to wait and see.

So we learn Dabbu’s real story. I am curious to know what his real name is by the way. I would be very tickled if it is an old fashioned name, the very opposite of Dabbu. It was a relief to hear him speak like a normal person when he tells Mushq about his degree and his father. But he reverts back to his street wise language and mannerisms later though I noticed. Just as Fahd had been hit with that brainwave in the earlier episodes to leave Lahore and head to Karachi to find Mushq, Dabbu is hit with the same bright idea and he and Mushq head off to Lahore. Ek tau mein yeh mobiles say boht tang hoon! Dabbu’s mobile is stolen and that is just going to make it all the more harder to find Fahd (obviously).


Ainjing and oonjing, Fahd’s mother is the queen of emotional blackmail. With the recent dramas it seemed that shaadi was the only solution to everything. While that holds true, it now comes with a twist. Shaadi or else – janaaza! Fahd’s mother threatens him to marry a girl of her choice and give up Mushq ki yaad otherwise she will lay down her life. Sigh. Seems to work because Fahd is seen having laddus stuffed in his face and his rishta done.

I wonder if this is  going to go down the Hum Dil De Chukay Sanam path. Obviously Dabbu and Mushq are not married yet but in his quest to find Mushq’s ‘lover boy’, Dabbu will go all out for her and they will ‘bhatkofy’ from here to there and in all that she will begin to develop feelings for him so much so that when they finally find Fahd, Dabbu and Mushq will be in love and realize it only when they have found Fahd. So Dabbu and Mushq will end up together, leaving a usually disoriented Fahd even more disoriented and his mother yelling ainj what the hell?!

What is with the lighting in this play? I am not sure if it is meant to have some sort of aesthetic impact but I am only left squinting. I was waiting for Dabbu –Mushq track to begin for the romantic tones it seemed to offer with Mushq falling in love with Dabbu’s ‘good heart’ but I did not realize I would enjoy the chemistry Faysal Qureshi and Sajal Ali seemed to share. I am glad Mushq is not taking out her anger and frustrations on Dabbu and sees him for the good person he is. Makes falling in love with him easier to believe and more enjoyable to watch. Ah well, I am assuming she will fall in love with him?!

I wrote this review then waited till I could watch the promo for next week’s episode on TV. Lots of touching moments between Mushq and Dabbu – as predicted!

Oh, by the way. Striker’s chacha. Another old man. With the track record of old men in this drama, I really hope this is not another leery old man. Please Mushq marry Dabbu before you decide to marry another oldie!!

What did you all think of these episodes? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid

Kunwal Javid

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