Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 8 Story Review – Lies and Deceit

Tonight’s episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho had a few things going for it, the characterization for instant has been on point and some of the dialogues tonight were beautifully written. However, the slow pace of this drama coupled with the confusing timeline has to be the most off putting factor. There are also times when you feel that the heavy dialogues disrupt the flow of the story. As far as the storyline is concerned, it does seem like the writer will in the end have a strong message for all those women out there who are over impressed with wealth and status but will there be a message for men as well this time around?

I couldn’t help but think about Sila from Khasara while watching this episode. Although Ayeza Khan’s performance and the treatment she has given to Mehwish’s character is far better than the one we saw in Khasara but the character dynamics are the same. I am truly hoping that this time around, the cheating wife will not be the only one who gets punished in the end since Shahwar too is cheating on his wife and is an equal partner in all this. Unlike many other dramas, in this drama we see how a man is suffering at the hands of a woman who does not value him. The way Mehwish’s withdrawn attitude in this episode was covered was the highlight of this episode. Ayeza Khan’s phenomenal performance made Mehwish’s character easy to understand and relate to. Mehwish finally mentioned her mother and from the quote it was easy to understand where she gets her twisted mindset from! Danish’s character is easier to connect to now but there are times when his becharapan is exaggerated.

Latest Developments

This episode covered how Danish no longer felt comfortable with Mehwish going to the office. Just like always, he talked to Mehwish about his feelings but this time around Mehwish gave a reply which reflected something entirely different which was going through her mind. Mehwish is now fully convinced that her husband is ‘jealous’ of her and Shahwar has in a really brief period of time managed to convince her that she deserves better. It is almost as if Mehwish was waiting for someone like Shahwar to come in her life. Few weeks back, Mehwish even defended her husband even if it was in a subtle way but now clearly Danish is just a ‘distraction’ and Shahwar is the main focus. Mehwish was always shown as a daring individual who did whatever she wanted but at the same time there were times when she seemed truly concerned about her husband.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 8 Story Review - Lies and Deceit

The routine in the house changed quickly with Danish making the breakfast and Mehwish being more involved in her ‘work’. The work being – getting ready and spending time with the boss! Danish’s dialogues in which he referred to Shahwar as his friend didn’t make much sense, if he was being sarcastic, it surely didn’t sound like it. Danish and Mehwish’s confrontation scenes were the best since they showed how helpless someone is when their partner decides to take the path Mehwish has chosen. Danish spelled out everything for Mehwish but she had an explanation for it all. Is Mehwish really that foolish? Mehwish is not foolish at all but she is so greedy that doing these ‘favors’ for her boss in return for such a big amount of money does not bother her at all. She also comes across as a wannabe, she wants to be modern and want to think like the elite class – so for her that means not following the ethical and moral boundaries set by the society she moves in.

The conversation Danish had with the school principal didn’t work for me at all. I understood why she was saying all this and how this was going to affect Danish but rarely do principals pass such personal remarks on the first meeting. Also, there are plenty of parents with kids out there who work therefore this conversation it seemed targeted all such people and was in bad taste. It would have been better if all these remarks came from someone else. Danish’s neighbor has suddenly disappeared as well. Surely someone like him would have plenty to say about the latest developments in Mehwish’s life. Muhammad Ahmed’s character is a good addition to this play – finally someone Danish can talk to.

Confusing Timeline or Dialogues?

Although overall the pace of this drama is slow but there are times when you feel like some of the developments are too rushed or that something is missing. The confusing timeline has been yet another problem. Previously, Danish’s khuda ki kasm scene did not coincide with him taking bribery and tonight, Danish told his colleague that he hadn’t brought food because he did not like the maid’s cooking although the maid had come to work only that morning. Danish and Mehwish’s first conversation regarding her work also made it look like she had been working for the longest time even though this was only her second day.

Final Remarks

Danish knows now that he is gradually losing the woman he married and Mehwish on the other hand is too excited to take the ‘challenges’ of her new life. Shahwar continues to pursue and impress Mehwish, it is quite clear that he won’t stop until he has her in his life for good. Danish’s helplessness tonight made complete sense, he cannot force Mehwish to leave this job or refuse all the favors.

Overall, this episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho focused on showing how Mehwish made up her mind and there was no looking back now. The writer also did a great job of letting his viewers know why Danish was so helpless. Some of the scenes between Mehwish and Danish are getting repetitive but just like every other episode this one too had a few interesting dialogues. Ayeza Khan’s performance tonight was exceptional. This was one of those episodes in which Danish’s becharapan was a bit annoying but at the same time I felt for the poor man – after all he just wants a simple life!

Do share your thoughts about this latest episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho.

Fatima Awan

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  • Apt review, Fatima👍👍. I have been reading ur reviews for quite some time and I decided to comment now. MPTH hs turned out to be an interesting serial however I think that it should have an adult rating because of the cringy scenes btw Mehwish and Shahwar🤪🤪

    • LOL true Ibrahim. I think all of KRQ’s dramas are for adults only. Well it’s true for most dramas nowadays. Thanks a ton for liking the review and most importantly for commenting, means a lot to me. Would love to hear from you more often now. Keep reading and commenting.

  • All the time Danish thinks is only his wife! If you love your wife and if she is beautiful does a man needs to behave like this??

    • That’s true Ash. Danish has been shown as a doting husband. He can be pretty ruthless and direct while sharing his concerns though😂

    • But in most cases, I have seen men behave in the same way. As a psychiatrist, I can vouch for it. You would be surprised to know most men who have married a beautiful woman or they think their wife is very beautiful, suffer this obsessive disorder. I in fact feel its almost a curse for them to marry someone who is very attractive because they are scared most of the time and are insecure.

  • پورا ہفتہ اس قسط کیلئے چینل نے سر کھایا ہوا تھا کہ بہت اسپیشل ہوگی۔۔۔امید تھی کہ خاص ہوگی مگر ناامیدکیا۔

    آپ کا تجزیہ ہی خاص ہے۔ باقی اس
    ڈرامے کا تو فی الحال کوئی حال نہیں۔

    • Hahaha really? Aisa kyu krte hei. Bs dikha di na aap ko episode unhu ne, yehi chahtay thay wo😉

      Thank you Urs. Urdu ki typing aala hei aap ki👍🏻

      • چول چینل۔ اور پرومو بھی ایسا پرکشش بنایا تھا کہ کیا کہنے، بلکہ ⁦قسط سے زیادہ اچھا تھا۔ بس دکھادی قسط انہوں نے۔۔۔⁦🤦🏼‍♀️⁩۔

        بہت شکریہ۔ مجھے اچھا لگتا ہے
        اردو میں لکھنا۔ گروپس میں بھی اسی طرح چیٹنگ کرنا پسند ہے۔

  • Haha thank you Pakistan Po. Sabeeh asked me this question multiple times last week too so I thought I should do him a favor and ask her😉😉 I hope tasali ho gaye ho gi ab.

    • Haha. Why sabeeh keeps aaking this question again and again. When she knows that we have to wait and check whether it would be pyar or nasha of paisa. Lol sabeeh zabardasti mehwish ko shehwaar key pyaar mein phasaana chahti hai

  • I knew there would be nothing special about this episode. I feel really bad when ARY pulls this cheap tricks just to get at Geo. They were simply trying to hit Alif because they were scared Alif is going to steal their viewership. It’s weird that Humayun saeed and Samina let Alif go on air at the same time with Mere pass tum ho. It can’t be good for their business and especially for channels. I think ARY is way ahead in drama quality for past few years so i guess they should man up and behave like a leader.
    Coming onto drama, it will be slow and it will take time to get the story forward. Danish is completely helpless now and Mehwish has turned into a bitch. Her greed is greater than everything she has now. I think she won’t even hesitate to leave her son. I’m waiting for Hira Mani’s entry because from there on it will be a great watch. Thanks for the brilliant review

    • Ahsan I feel that ARY’s approach has lately been too commercial. Geo’s biggest flaw is that they drag their dramas to the extreme and all of them eventually end up being all about two women fighting for one man – one woman is chalak and the other one doodh ki dhuli. Alif would be a good change for sure, It will give people a reason to tune in to Geo. Honestly I had no idea they promoted this episode so desperately, just goes to show they are insecure but I feel they shouldn’t be because competition is always good.

      Thank you so much Ahsan for liking the reviews and for the continued feedback, means a lot.

      • Exactly fatima…. Mostly dramas which are hit now a days have nothing more than indian amd Pakistani dramas mixture. The indian drama audience has found the similar things im our dramas because Indian channels are banned. I agree with ahsan ary is using cheap tactics. They know alif is going to gain more ratings but they just wanna ruin ita first episode record. Which ruswai is holding. Btw alif has really hum tv vibe. Because humtv always bring different and vast as well as very deeo concepts. Spiritual dramas like AAAI, shehre zaat etc. And fatima MPTH is very slow i watched first w n now 6 episode there was nothing special to offer.

        • AH you know the most interesting bit is that MPTH has been produced by Humayun Saeed’s production house and Alif too has been produced by another production house which is owned by Humayun, his wife and sis in law. It’s a win win situation for them. I have yet to watch the first episode of Alif, really excited about it. I am sure it will be a good play and worth the wait. Ruswai🤢

          • Exactly fatima! But phir bhi dekhen…. Or yar jhoot ki hadd hai mtlb kya special tha?it was obvious that there’s nothing new in the episode.

          • Yes, it’s sad. Thankfully I had no idea that they had been promoting this episode by saying that there was going to be a big twist. Now Humayun Saeed gave an interview in which he said he has no competition with his family members LOL!!

  • Five lacs in advance. Cheuffer driven car with superb dressing style and finally flight to islamabad with luxury suite in five star- all these bounty n benevolence by big boss reveals she’s finally taken a flight and about to gain high altitude . Still waiting if she could land safely. So sad for the motorbike- man and his wounds…..Thanks for your excellent review fatima.

    • Hahaha MR loved your comment – so witty. I think it will be a crash landing after enjoying a few days in the air. You’re most welcome MR.

  • Perfect review Fatima, even the small details were covered, I also noticed how Danish was saying that he is not used to eating food cooked by maid, when that was actually the first day when maid arrived, infact he might not have even seen her. lol….
    Somewat I found the story more relatable, can understand Danish’s character, it seems he has a complex and believes that his wife is just good and superior, in reality she is not, just good looks is not enuff, good character is important. His fears were clear, he knows that stopping her will result in revolt and not stopping her is also is making his life hell, as for sure she will go away from him. he is matured enuff to understand this, and as he is a gentleman madly in love with his wife, he wont use power or abuse and will let her do as she likes. Once agn I find the story similar to KRQ’s zara yaad kar, same as Zayed Ahmed’s character..

    It was clear that Mehwish is not in love with Shahwar, she is in love with his status and not she has crossed the limits of sharam, and nothing can stop her.

    Problem with this drama is that the story itself is not new, unique and infact disturbing, and it makes you feel sorry for hero and creates too much hatred for the wife. Just excellent performances, specially by Humayun is saving it.

    • Thank you so much Tiger for liking the review and the detailed comment. I agree with you, the characterization is on point. You’re right Danish’s character is complex and yes most of the times good people like him end up blaming themselves for everything which is why he isn’t forcing Mehwish to leave the job, just letting her know how it’s hurting him. I feel there are times when Humayun goes overboard but yes for the most part a really good performance indeed.

  • Has anyone noticed there is always a “pillow” kept in the middle of both Mehwish and Danish everytime a scene is shot in bedroom. It looks so weird. They should not shoot a scene on bed if they have issues rather than doing weird things… and in every episode there are at least 2-3 such scenes with Mr. Pillow lying there in the middle and staring at the camera… sometimes as annoyed as us while listening to Mr. Hubby’s philosophies.

  • Danish was being sarcastic, I think Sila wasn’t as bad as this Mehwish, she is a bit too much no self respect at all, the school scene was a bit weird

  • I think the thing that bothers me most about this drama is Shehwar has openly made comments to Mehwish, about finding her attractive or not knowing why she’s with Danish etc., like openly hitting on her. Yet when Danish confronts her and tells her he’s uncomfortable etc., she somehow manages to tell him she’s wrong, when in reality she should know he’s right and should ideally link it back Shehwar hitting on her.

    I don’t know if Mehwish actually thinks Danish is wrong and Shehwar is well-intentioned, or if she knows Danish is right and Shehwar does have ill-intentions but she doesn’t want to admit it and rather just milk it.

  • I really like ayeza khan and wanted to watch this drama. But from your reviews i guess it is alot like khasara. Why KRQ has started to write this kind of dramas where wife betrays husband. Zara yad kar, tau dil ka kia hua and now this.

  • MPTH is exact replica of Khasara yet gaining more TRPs wonder why? And whats with all Pak women being obsessed with money & rich men, is it anywhere close to reality?

  • >