Mere Humdam Episode 2 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Full of Clichés:

Ohkay so, this episode of Mere Humdam was decent but still had quite a lot of clichés to its credit. I am only watching Mere Humdam because I want something less heavy & I wouldn’t mind if it will continue to be clichéd but yes I do hope that the characters have a thing or two to offer.

Warda’s Getting To Know Haris:

The main focus in this episode was on Haris’s marriage where his family just didn’t want to waste any time & wanted to arrange it ASAP. Osama found out that Warda was Mr. Zaidi’s choice but to his surprise, Warda was pretty cool with the idea of getting married to a stranger too. The thing that kind of irked me the most was Warda & her family’s reaction to the proposal where just because they knew that Zaidi’s family was wealthy, they immediately assumed that Warda’s kismat was superb & she was this lucky girl who hit a jackpot. Warda’s mother also accepted the proposal as if she was waiting to marry her daughter off immediately, without inquiring about Haris or his background. It is unrealistic that without any background checks a girl’s mother accepted the proposal based on a face value. I actually thought that may be Warda will reconsider her mother’s decision because of her feelings for Osama but that wasn’t the case. Warda only sees Osama as her very good friend so she kind of also relied on him in order to get to know more about Haris!

Osama & Zaidi’s conversation represented the kind of mindset people belonging to elite class might have where they expect daughters in law who they deliberately choose from a middle class background, to do the heavy-lifting & make all the compromises to make their marriage work. It is like Zaidi already knows that Haris is a spoiled brat therefore he already expects Warda to not only do his upbringing which Zaidi & his wife failed to do, as well as put up with everything that Haris will direct at her. It is unfortunate that Zaidi is bringing Warda not as an equal & respectful individual in this relationship but as someone who he expects to be in an awe of Haris’s status as well as a doormat that he will mistreat.

I believe Osama should have tried to inform Warda a little about what she was getting into, not to prevent this marriage from happening but just giving her enough information because of which she could get a bit of an idea or make up her mind whether she wanted to get married or not. I am sure even Osama doesn’t know about Haris’s secret but other than that he should have told Warda about his personality & nature in general. Osama chose to stay quiet only because Mr. Zaidi told him to but I feel because he knew that Warda deserved so much better, he should have tried to help her at least.

Warda already started feeling a little put off with Haris’s behaviour where he would leave her in the lurch while prioritizing his personal affairs. Warda could at least feel that something was not right or that Haris was not too keen on her as he should’ve been but then her family along with Osama told her to get rid of all the wrong ideas or negative thoughts that were running through her mind. I kind of liked the fact that even though Warda is shown to be a submissive sort of a person but she still has a voice & enough instincts to deduce that something is definitely fishy. It was also nice to see her trying to do something to postpone the wedding, like it showed that she had her own plans & a thought process too but too bad that Haris’s family didn’t understand why Warda wanted some time.

Closing Thoughts – A Decent Watch:

Overall, this episode was decent but the drama is still in the initial stages of establishing the plot as well as introducing the characters & their personalities. So, next week they will reveal the secret Haris has been carrying. I have a feeling that she might be Haris’s wife & he is just getting married to Warda to please his parents so that they continue to support him financially as that is something that means a lot to Haris & he is dependant on. Let’s see. Sarah Khan & all the other actors have performed well so far. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mere Humdam.

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