Mere Humdam Episode 3 & 4 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Been There, Seen That:

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Mere Humdam took the story forward & shed a light on the villain of the story in a lot more detail. However, it won’t be wrong to say that the story of Mere Humdam is quite typical & has been seen before by the drama buffs like a million times. Not sure how are they going to make it super interesting to keep the viewers hooked to it because no sparks have been spotted so far, so let’s see what the future holds!

Warda Is Getting Deceived:

Haris left Warda & went to see Paras the night he got married, it goes to show that Paras is not just a friend to him. The fact that Paras blackmails him & Haris allows to let that happens shows that it’s not only Paras who is emotionally involved in this relationship, Haris himself is also used to the attention he gets from Paras. Right from the beginning they have established the fact that Haris is the kind of person who does what he deems fit & he does not let anyone rule him, so for him to fall prey to some emotional blackmailing of a girl like Paras speaks volume about how he himself wants to stay associated with her. Considering the kind of person Haris is, it is too obvious that he kind of likes the attention he gets from Paras, it is like he extracts pleasure from the fact that there’s this girl who is longing for him & that he means so much to her that she is even ready to commit suicide to prove her love to him. Well, now that we have seen both Haris & Paras, I will say that they both suit each other perfectly & they’re made for each other.

Osama continued to be the saviour that he is & he tried to make sure that Warda doesn’t even for once feels dubious about Haris. Even though Osama is nice, considerate & all that jazz but the fact that he chose to stay silent & let this marriage happen does make him a culprit too. I can say Osama is borderline coward too for not speaking up before especially for the girl he loved because he knew what she was getting into so it was his responsibility to save her life from getting ruined because of a guy like Haris!

Osama has left quite an impression on everyone & it seems Aiman has started developing feelings for him, which is why both Warda & Haris also hinted about his marriage with Aiman. Osama also took matters in his hands & had a conversation with Paras. It did look like he had some kind of impact on him & whatever he said did move Paras but obviously, she is so used to the idea of chasing after Haris that she won’t leave him alone just yet.

Warda is getting to know Haris more & she finds herself disappointed at his cold & distant attitude towards her. Yes, Haris does praise her & does some pep-talk every now & then to please her but when it comes to being emotionally involved or attached with Warda, he maintains his distance which perplexes Warda quite a bit. To be honest, more than Haris’s attitude, I found it frustrating that Osama was trying to paint such a picture in front of Warda which is far from the reality. Yes, Osama is being a sincere & dutiful friend but then he has his sincerity invested in a guy like Haris who is upto no good & I guess Osama is mature enough to know that!

Closing Thoughts – Average Execution:

Overall, these two episode of Mere Humdam were fairly decent but they didn’t have much to them. So far the story has been pretty basic & so is the direction & the overall execution of this drama. Sarah Khan looks beautiful & it is a treat to watch her. Since we’re so used to seeing Syed Jibran doing such impactful characters, it is kind of hard to accept him doing this kind of role which is so bland. He played a similar character in Khudgarz but it was such a substantial role that contributed throughout the drama but in Mere Humdam, it is not coming through. I hope things gel well in the upcoming episodes. Gohar Mumtaz has improved a lot but he still seems uneasy, like his acting doesn’t look effortless even now. The actress playing the role of Paras has made that character perfectly annoying, which it is supposed to be but I still feel that actress has that tendency to get on your nerves & I can totally foresee her getting to me in the upcoming episodes. Anyways, please share your thoughts about these episodes of Mere Humdam.

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