Mere Humdam Episode 9 Story Review – Clichéd To The Core

Opening Thoughts – Clichéd To The Core:

Ohkay so, this drama is filled with clichés & I am not sure what makes the drama-makers think that they can get away with all of this? What are they trying to achieve by showing such dramas which serve no purpose at all & have such kind of stories that have been seen numerous times before? Not only the story of Mere Humdam is typical but it is clichéd & boring. The characters have zero personality & there’s no grip in the drama whatsoever.

Haris Is Shady & Warda Is Being Fooled:

It is so obvious that Haris has put the entire blame on Warda that she can not conceive whereas his body language & the incessant eye rolling states the opposite. If not anyone else, I thought Osama would be the first one to doubt Haris because he knows him too well but I guess even after knowing Haris for years, Osama has underestimated the fact that Haris can stoop so low to save his face.

Haris obviously has a plan on his mind. It is a done deal that he will use this lie against Warda only to bring Paras back in his life where he’ll say that in order to have a baby, he’ll marry someone else.

Daadi is not only annoying but she made my blood boil too. I know she is a typical woman who knows how to make another woman’s life miserable that is why she continued to pester Warda. It was disgusting how Daadi warned both Haris & Warda that they should only come back with good & positive reports, like seriously? I know she’s old but which century is she living in? I wonder how Haris’ mother seems so happy & comfortable around a mother in law like her?

Warda surely takes Osama as her confidant, she confides in her but it was bizarre that she chose to share such a personal detail of her life with him & later even Haris seemed alright with it when he found out that Warda has told Osama about all of this. I totally understand that Warda is being lied to, she trusts her husband & can not imagine that he’d fool her but then, when the drama began they showed Warda as a confident girl who decided to pursue a career & knew how to take a stand for herself, so why is it that now she can not even go to a doctor herself & get herself checked? Warda saw that Haris was least bothered about her but here she is, trying to brain-feed herself that her husband is doing ‘so much’ for her!!!

Closing Thoughts – Purposeless Drama:

These type of dramas should really be banned because they don’t show any solutions rather rely heavily on clichés to sell their story & gain ratings. I am glad that this drama hasn’t attained much popularity because it doesn’t deserve it anyways. Sarah Khan, a sincere advice to you, please stop doing dramas like these, you’re wasting your talent. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mere Humdam.

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