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Meri Zindagi Hai Tu – Episode 8


Now that Meenu is all grown up, she is transformed into a completely different personality.Unlike her childhood, she loves to wake up early in the morning, goes for morning walk regularly and now has guts to give a shut -up call to Rudaba, who kept on haunting her throughout her childhood. Haan, there are certain things which have not moved an inch in Meenu; she loves Aman right from the day when she lost her parents and she is as much stubborn and pampered as she was in her childhood.

As far as my judgment regarding Nazoo’s personality is concerned, I have found her quite reserved type of person. She never told Aman what she feels for him, how much she values her, for how long she has been missing him. But that’s how typical eastern girl is; unconditionally loving, extremely caring, patient,reserve and quite whenever it comes to show her emotions to loved ones. For all that , Aman developed a feeling  that the way he likes Naazo, she is not fond of him. He was proved wrong certain times too but when it comes to typical man’s nature, no one can question it !

For Aman, when it’s about him and Naazo then there is no room for anyone else. He never felt comfortable whenever Naazo takes Meenu name while they are discussing their life,their issues and their matters. This clearly tells that Aman solely likes Meenu because he loves Naazo that was once said by him too.

I found a flaw in direction today ; When Naazo asked Meenu to wake up and offer Fajar prayer, Sun was shining to the fullest. Fajar prayer or roshni mai ? How come ?

All Aman wanted when he came back is to meet Naazo first. Unluckily, it was Meenu to whom he met and he got shocked as soon as he saw her because he wasn’t expecting that she will grow up this way. Maybe he was expecting that Meenu will be like never-growing creature and for that reason he bought coloring books, color pencils as a gift for her.. :P

Naazo kept on secretly admiring Aman’s gift whenever she finds free time and Meenu felt somewhat jealous. I guess, jealous won’t be appropriate word now because she is a bit far from this jealousy feeling. She is getting anxious and restless day by day by watching and observing  Naazo and her special feeling solely for Aman.

I got a bit disappointed by the fact that why Naazo was unable to put her point in front of Meenu when she asked for bracelet. I mean she is not a kid anymore; she can understand literal meaning of “Privacy”.Par baat wahen aa jati hai that Naazo can never say “NO” to Meenu so was the case this time.

Meenu will develop feelings for Aman and next episode preview is clearly depicting that she will try to explain Aman that she wants someone in her life with whom she can share every minutest issue. What will be Aman’s reaction?

For all that and many more, Keep on reading.

Rabia Basharat.