Microsoft Reveals Xbox Series S Specs

Microsoft has officially revealed the Xbox Series S and now we know the price of both Series X and S.

The much awaited announcement was made from the official Twitter handle of Xbox.

The Xbox Series X specs leaked a day before the official announcement. It will feature a 512 gigabyte SSD, runs games at 1440p upto a 120 frames per second and also supports ray tracing.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox Series S will be all-digital as well as 60% smaller than the X.

Furthermore, Microsoft revealed that it will be available for $299, two hundred dollars cheaper than the Series X.

It will be released on November 10 while it’s pre-orders will start from 22nd of this month.

Director of Program Management for Xbox, Jason Ronald, described the Xbox Series S as the ‘smallest, most affordable all-digital next generation Xbox console’. According to Jason Ronald, “the primary difference between Xbox Series S and X is the GPU.”

Watch Whats Inside The Xbox Series S:

Moreover, Liz Hamren, head of platform engineering and hardware at Xbox, said that the primary difference between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is in resolution. Liz Hamren further said that during interaction with fans, it was revealed that they prioritize framerate over resolution that’s why Microsoft wanted to build a console that didn’t require a 4K TV.

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