Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai Episode 13 Review – Even More Mind Games!

Everyone who is watching this drama on regular basis must be very well acquainted with the fact that the characters in Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai love playing mind games which are impossible to relate to! Waqar’s confession in tonight’s episode was yet another attempt by one of the saner characters in this play to exploit the situation in his favor. At the end of the day when you look at the reason behind all these complicated mind games, you can’t help but wonder if it is really worth it! Ami begum was playing games with Waqar before because she wanted him to stay away from Maheen and now Waqar who clearly was interested in Maheen is claiming that he did all this so that Maheen would accept Gulrez’s proposal and he could be the “chief” of the gang! Watching Waqar act so normal in the opening scene after creating such a big scene at Ami begum’s house was mind boggling! Later on, Ami begum also decided to forgive and forget everything and for the first time the viewers saw Ami begum and Waqar bonding like they should have bonded right from the beginning.

Some of the dialogues in tonight’s episode were intense and right on point but just like every other episode situations and dialogues were way too complicated given the situation. Why would someone like Gulrez who does not want to force Maheen to get married to him, settle for such a decision? Also, the fact that Maheen and Gulrez did not have a single decent interaction one-to-one since the proposal makes the whole situation even more strange. Gulrez never had the courage to talk to Maheen but Maheen could have surely talked to him about what was going on in her mind. Also, even after making the decision to marry him even if it was to make a point only, she did not directly go to Gulrez to tell her about her decision. Maheen is still confused and watching 10 episodes of this confusion hasn’t actually been a joyride!

All of a sudden Jia has stopped interacting with Waqar altogether and she never confronted him either. Jia’s father is finally going to reveal the secret, which I am sure won’t be anything exciting either. It seems like he left her mother because she was cheating on her! This drama needed a more decent side track to make it bearable but Jia’s track definitely does not fit the bill.

Fajr has to be my favorite character in the show, she is the one who can see what games everyone is playing and speaks her mind without getting rude. Even after so many episodes the story hasn’t moved forward considerably, everyone has been waiting for Maheen’s reply for the longest time now and no one (watching the drama) is even rooting for the couple! The drama is over crowded with characters who like to talk a lot and most often the conversations revolve around similar topics. If the writer and the director added more scenes in which we saw a “human” side of these characters like the one in tonight’s episode in which Ami begum and Waqar bonded, would have helped the viewers connect to these characters. Also, Munshi Alam should have been given more screen time since the drama opened with him and it looked like he was very close to the family. The thappars got plenty of screen time in tonight’s episode as well! Plenty of characters talked about it like it was headline news but Waqar (who is supposedly the ultimate ladla) took them really well! Watching a new episode of Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai is like watching the same thing over and over again!

How many of you watched this latest episode? Am I the only one who found it impossible to relate to the developments in tonight’s episode?

Fatima Awan

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