Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai Episode 14 Review – Finally A Good Episode!

I thought I would never say this but there were quite a few developments in this episode which were interesting as well as intriguing. After watching the same scenarios over and over again, it was definitely refreshing watching the story move forward like it should in every other episode (ideally speaking!). There were scenes which were needlessly stretched and the first 5 minutes or so of the drama covered the scenes which had already been shown in the previous episode so basically the episode that went on air live did not start from where it should have started from and I was wondering if they were showing the previous episode all over again! If this was supposed to be the precap then it was painfully long.

This episode however proved that if the story focused throughout on the main leads, their feelings and interactions with each other more than the side characters who are most often annoying then this drama could have been far more interesting. A simple love triangle with few complications here and there, some powerful dialogues, leading actors with good on screen chemistry and an unpredictable storyline is always better than a love triangle which is blown out of proportion for no reason when the leads hardly ever interact with one another! Maheen and Waqar’s feelings were much easier to relate to tonight. Gulrez’s character however does not have the same impact which it had in the first 2 episodes or so which is the main reason why Mehreen’s decision seems all wrong and I think that is the reason why Gulrez’s character is so unappealing. There is an undeniable chemistry between Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan which makes you root for them even when the story and direction is as weak as it is in this play.

The first scene of this episode (online version!!) translated those emotions which have been missing from the previous many episodes in an apt manner. Maheen’s attempts to prove herself, Gulrez’s lack of confidence, Waqar’s decision to lose the match to make Maheen happy and most importantly a more sensitive reaction from Ami begum at that time made this scene a winner. Later on too all those scenes in particular which covered Waqar and Maheen’s state of mind were right on point for a change although the background music at times was extremely inappropriate. Imran Abbas in particular acted brilliantly in this episode. I found myself wishing that the drama could go on like this for the next few weeks as well but then I was reminded of all the thappars and those reactions and situations in the past 8 weeks or so which made very little sense!

Jia’s track had a secret in store as well, although her father’s dialogues and the way they were delivered was not that impactful but it seems like Jia’s mother had an affair with Maheen’s deceased father. It remains to be seen how this recent revelation will effect the story. Maheen’s mother also mentioned her fate and remembered how things did not go as planned multiple times in tonight’s episode. Jia finally forgave her father and now that they will have a ‘normal’ relationship, I am wondering if he will accompany Jia to Maheen’s house at some point and figure out the connection between her and Aurangzeb.

The conversation between Fajr and Waqar after their team lost the match had to be the best conversation in this entire episode. The whole scenario now is quite interesting and there are no unnecessary complications but I doubt that the story will move forward with the same momentum given the history of this play!

How many of you watched this recent episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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