Mohib Mirza confirms separation from Aamina Sheikh

Aamina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza, were considered one of the most strongest and adorable couples of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Aamina Sheikh, a super model and a talented actress, alongside Mohib Mirza, who himself happened to be a multi-talented actor, made a gorgeous power couple. The duo tied the knot back in 2005 and had a daughter together, named Meisa.

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But here’s a rather sad news for all Mohib, Aamina fans. After being together for about 14 years, Mohib and Aamina have separated and are now headed for a divorce. Although rumors had been doing rounds on various media outlets for ages, it was recently when Mohib Mirza himself confirmed the news on a television show with Ahsan Khan.

During Bol Nights with Ahsan, when Ahsan Khan questioned Mohib Mirza about Aamina, Mohib very simply answered that the two weren’t together anymore. Although Mirza refrained from adding anything further to the answer, the confirmation was enough to devastate the duo’s fans.

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Although Mohib has made the revelation, Aamina is yet to open up about the separation publicly. However, the duo’s fans have really been upset with the news, with most of them taking to social media to share their heartbreak over the couple’s breakup.

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  • Its sad news. Is there no way they would consider a patch up. A best intermittent way could be that for some time they live separated before heading to a divorce.
    May Allah swt grant them both strength of mind n peace of heart to make a good decision. Ameen. 💐

  • That looked so good together and their love for each other has always been very much evident. It is very hard to breakup with someone you love and I’m sure it must be hard for them as well. All we can do is to pray that both of them stay happy with their choices and it would be best if they sort out their differences and get back together. Allah her couple mein muhabbat qaim rkhy. Amen

  • Shocking news in this Era of so much un stable relationship they were an example of strong bonding. Having a child after soooo long know they have decided to go apart.
    Hope they will consider to pacrh up. May Allah guide them for better solution

  • It’s really sad but unfortunately now Muslim actors and and actresses r following abroad people culture as they could not spend more than 5 yrs with each other we r following same as kawwa chalaa Hans ki chaal apni bhool Gia. What is the fault of their daughter??? whose dreams remain incomplete because of their worst decision of divorce disliked by ALLAH ALMIGHTY. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY show us the right pathway Ameen

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