Mohsin Abbas Haider Is Disheartened With People

Mohsin Abbas Haider is actually disheartened by the negative scrutiny of people on him, he has just posted a verses on his Instagram the crux of the poem is that All eyes are on me, everyone is observing me for the sake of trendings, and when they start bashing they just keep on bashing , he said they have a lot of time to spend on me and above all the title of the verses was “Cross checking” or “Authenticity” is a must.

Well how shameful is that the speculated news about his second marriage actually got viral and negatively interpreted by the social media humanists, where everyone knew that there was no official news but just an interpretation, it went viral because of people who want one to die on his humanly mistakes and sins, how sad is that his words are actually so heart breaking and yes we are not supporting what he is in, it is his personal life, he has court and we know that has to be sorted out in there .

His fans are urging him to stay strong and don’t lose hope and calm. We also urge you let the court decide and believe one thing that is “innocent until proven guilty” .

Be the human who actually make a person through advices , don’t break him through obnoxious words . Don’t be a judge, be a humanist and good to him, good to his wife and his family.

Here we are posting screen shot of the poem and a few comments

Screenshot 20190828 070533

Screenshot 20190828 070520

Screenshot 20190828 070625

Screenshot 20190828 070211

Screenshot 20190828 070245

Screenshot 20190828 070458

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  • Lanat bhaejti hon oun logon pay jo is ko support kerahy hain.He is a drama nothing else!Shameless fans!

  • Why would you hive him attention and a platform?
    Why post about him at all?
    I don’t know what more proof people need, the news of his second marriage went viral because Nazish commented and he liked the post.
    If anyone is a victim and deserves compassion its Fatima not Mohsin.
    He didn’t commit ‘humanly’ mistakes he sinned and has not apologized or shown any remorse.
    Domestic violence is not a personal matter especially in today’s world where it has become an epidemic.

    • This needs all the media coverage it can get. Out of sight out of mind and nothing changes. Keep it in the public eye and who knows maybe the next guy would think twice before raising a hand to a woman.

    • Which is why Allah has put him in this very embarrassing situation.

      The evidence is there on her face, are you blind?

  • No wonder paksitan is in such an unstable situation.
    The mentality of some of the ignoramus that have commented for the the wife beater is just pathetic.

    Lets wait for the day your papa or brother kick shit out of your loved one.

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