Sarah Khan Can’t Listen To a Single Word Against Imran Khan

Sara khan was invited on Hum news morning show Subha sey agay where she was asked by the anchors that Sara once you’ve said that all the politicians are Showmen,she said “yes only Imran Khan is genuine politician and I like Imran Khan alot and I cannot even listen a single word against him”.

Both the anchors got surprised, they again asked from her tell five good things about Imran Khan.She replied to that” there are many things but mainly, those politicians are behind thd bars whom we never expected to be imprisoned our whole life and change is a process it will take time it cannot just happen in a blink, you have to wait and you have to face a lot of difficulties to be part of change.

She said I would love to work for any cause that is related to Imran Khan, which can be counted as a step towards betterment instead of any film about him.

Well Sara khan is a brilliant actress, an intelligent opinionated individual as well who knows to stand by her opinion and we love the fact that she has concerns about political scenario of the country.

She said I mostly decides the charachters for Noor as she always takes advice from me, she also said that I have a lot of love for Noor that most of the time I refer my scripts to her, which is so good about her.

She said I don’t know about most of the girls in industry so for me all are good and innocent and I feel that I am real life Neelofar,as a reply to the question that who was the character dain from bella pur ki dain.

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  • Thanks god. Wish all pakistanis have view like her for imran khan though I am an Indian I am very impressed with imran khan he will inshaallah change pakistan

    • Born and brought up in western world , he is 66 year old and surprise is that graduated from Oxford , and prime minister of a nuclear country but this knowldge is so weak that , on international platform he called Germany and Japan are neighbour, this kind of hopeless and so called uneducated so calledoxford graduate ruling pakistan , deplorable situation

      • Hey Gopal,
        Thanks for praising our fine prime minister. His tongue got slipped that he called Germany and Japan …..
        Did you read your own comments buddy. You were writing and you join the border of two words ” calledOxford”. I won’t call you anything. Mistakes happens. Not a biggy Bro.

  • As British Pakistanis we have seen the best of the West and, well…..some of the East.
    There is still much improvement in terms of infrastructure and character of people which requires much improvement.
    God willing, with a man like the current Prime Minister Imram Khan that is more famous in the world thanSharif and Zardari, he will bring stability to the region.
    Those of you who are expecting major changes with the first year should go and get an education in economics first.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day!!
    Do you really think you are God’s chosen people to think that from a click of a finger 70 years of corruption and waste can be erased just like that??

    Like it or not, all British Pakistanis support IK, and now more money is pouring into Pakistan because of him.

  • Give him one more year, phr mil k gand maren gay imran khan ki aur esse actors actresses ki jo just for the sake of imran khan use support kr rhe hn jinki life mein koi masla ni h financially strong hn inki liye imran ho zardari ya nawaz inhe lun ka faral parta h

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