Mohsin Abbas Haider Opens Up About Depression

Depression is probably becoming the fastest spreading disease in the 21st century. People all over the world have suffered from the fatal condition due to the increased pressures of living and unhealthy environment. Celebrities all over the world are looked as people with perfect lives. They are known to have money and all the luxuries one’s heart could desire. But they are also the ones with sensitive hearts and are known to fall into dangerous depression. Many stars have taken their lives thus leaving the world in shock. Stars like Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and Deepika Padukone have spoken about how they have fought their depression.

Our very own star Mohsin Abbas Haider has also been through a very trying time in his personal life. The actor lost his mother and infant daughter in a very close frame of time and has been in a depression since then. He opened up about his feelings in Samina Peerzada’s show too. Mohsin’s latest tweet left people shocked as the actor expressed how low he has been feeling:

We hope Mohsin recovers from his pain soon and may Allah bless him with peace and happiness!

Pakeeza Dar

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