Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Response On Getting Khula From Fatima Sohail

Fatima Sohail has filed for khula from Mohsin Abbas Haider. She has accused Mohsin of torturing her and assaulting her. She told the court that her husband has an extramarital affair with Nazish Jahangir because of which she can not continue to live with him. Fatima further requested the court to approve her khula plea. 

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Mohsin Haider was found guilty of threatening his wife. Fatima said that her husband has been beating, accusing and assaulting her since they tied the knot in 2015. She further added that Mohsin took 5million from her father and assaulted her when she asked him to pay back the money. 

Fatima sohail

Mohsin posted on his social media account that he is finally free from the torture he was tolerating for 4 years of marriage. He said that he kept himself quiet because Fatima was in his nikkah. He continued by saying that he can’t live with a liar and blamed his wife that she uses to go to the parties and is a drug addict.

Mohsin openly said that he can write a book about his 4 toxic years which he spent with his wife. He even called that Fatima’s family is disgusting. He thanked God and feel satisfied now for hearing the good news about khula. 

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How can one be so shameless? After all the proof, he still calls himself innocent and not guilty. Fatima stayed strong on her words and is finally getting free from the monster. Let’s wait to see what will happen next. 


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  • Kitny jhooty loag hoty hyn sharam nhi ati. Char sal se nikah me rakha kyun huwa tha then??? Koi poochy itni buri thi to. Or wo iyna fearlessly court me kese chali gyi jb itni buri thi. Usey dar nhi laga k uska raz khul jayega?
    The reason is that k apparently hi sahi i see only mohsin abbas haider faulty. Not his ex wife.

  • Oh wow.. the more he talks, the more he sounds like a moron. No matter how hard we try to stay neutral or pragmatic about their sad situation, this guy makes sure we side with her wife by doing one blunder over the other.

  • it was such a torture then why not divorce her & be free of the so called torture, why not divorce quietly rather then being in the limelight, that’s what ordinary people do

  • You can differ with Mohsin, but there is no need to abuse his sister and mother and secondly refrain from giving ‘Bud Duas’ to someone as, these Bud Duas always come’s just a polite advise

  • Ghatia insane whole family means your bhanje baji…….sick mentality family bv batche hotey Hain baji bhanje nahi …….jaan us k bakhshi ho gae TM se psycho

  • Its not a fair
    K ap ko ye haq kis NY diya ha k ap talaq deny k bad aik orat mai khamiyan nikal rhy ha it’s very sad n shameless for u we don’t know
    Who is right or who is wrong but don’t abusing a lady after end the relationship

  • Nothing have been proved in the court. She couldn’t bring any evidence against him not even a medical report which she was whining about. Where you people are living in? Best of luck Mohsin for your rest of the life!!

  • Don’t know why he’s being so thankful for his “release” from the marriage.
    He could have just divorced her if he wanted to get rid of her that soon and paid the haq mehr and he was done and dusted. For a man to hand around for the haq mehr and make her get the Khula just proves the sort of man he is. Shame on him!

  • Mohsin Abbas log pagl nhi k Jo apki jhoti batun main aayn sb ko sch ka pta lga hr shks ko pehchan Hy jhoty sch ki ziada over hony ki zrort nhi

  • Allah Almighty not happy or agree with you people….Mohsin Abbas dnt be happy one day will come for u in return ….so disgusting and pathic man u r.. u blame a lady and u have extramarital affair and u dnt know how to treat women or wife u r such a jahil man….Allah ap k keay ki saza apko jald de

  • I feel really bad whenever I hear something like that these situations put a very deep impact on child’s personality and everything :’(

  • Bloody bastards . I think parents of this creepy shit doesn’t teach manners to live .
    Bycout him .

  • Oh god !! If he was in such a toxic relationship and was suffering so badly he could have just divorced her before why did he have to wait for khula and thanking god for that . Its clear lies . I dont know how these people even exist and how can they even live with themselves knowing they are so shallow and cheap. Thats absurd.

  • Mohsin, the allegation you made against her that she takes drug is really a very cheap approach to defame her and you to proove it in front of Allah. Secondly, if you were treating her good she would have never came in public like this and no one comes until and unless she is broken. You and your family did too bad for her and especially with your child. I can understand very well your family is the main culprit and you follow their instructions. She left her good job for you and now left with a child 🧒 without husband and struggling life. But you monster with a new wife. Wow kiya baat Hai! Remember Allah is there to give justice

  • Allah ka Insaf buht bara hae…. Dear fatima sohail namaz ada karo darood pak Paro or Allah Pak par chor do sub…. Khuda sunta hae dil say mang kar tu dikho…. Sabar karo Khuda sabar karny walun k sath hota hae…..

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