Mol – Episode 13

The dialogues are well-written, the actors are doing complete justice to their roles, the execution is simple and spot on, but as much as I didn’t want to say this, Mol is no longer as interesting or realistic as it used to be and I think this has a lot to do with what I was expecting from Emaan. I had high hopes attached to her character but I am afraid she’s no longer the woman I thought she was. And strangely enough, I wasn’t expecting Sheheryaar to wow me but that’s exactly what he’s doing!

While watching Humayun and Zareena spew venom against Emaan, I was reminded of all the times Sheheryaar used to explain to Emaan how his family doesn’t mean well for them. I can totally understand why all this time he was trying to avoid them as best as he could. Sheheryaar feared that their constant interference would spoil his relationship with Emaan and that’s exactly what’s happening. Right after that unpleasant encounter with his parents and Chalak Chachi, for a fleeting moment, Sheheryaar was forced to think about what his family was saying about Emaan. I think this was natural because after hearing such accusations, he, like any normal person, needed some time to collect himself. After Sheheryaar’s soliloquy and the awkward scene at Rohail’s house, I was beginning to think that Sheheryaar too joins the league of the shukki, judgemental husbands that grace our screens every now and then, but the conversations that followed left me with a really good feeling. I am so pleased that Sheheryaar and Emaan decided to talk to each other about what’s bothering them and where is this going because that conversation was much much needed. And I have to say that Sheheryaar said all the things my ears have been starving for! Have we ever witnessed an onscreen husband saying that he doesn’t even want to discuss the possibility of going ahead with dusri shadi because it’s way below his belt? Have we come across an onscreen husband whose faith in his wife doesn’t waver in spite of all the accusations directed at her? How many times have we seen a character apologizing to his wife for speaking to her in a harsh tone? I am so pleased and relieved that he explained to Emaan why he had reacted that way and that apology was music to my ears! Needless to say, I have tons and tons of respect for Sheheryaar. Faisal Qureshi has been phenomenal and I don’t think I can imagine anyone else playing Sheheryaar with such ease and brilliance.

Yeh bhi ek phase hai. Haina Sheheryaar? Tumhari zindagi tou mukhtalif phases mein bati hui hai. Kia pata shayad mein bhi ek phase hoon. So that’s what Sheheryaar gets for reassuring Emaan that he would never leave her? I feel for Emaan because I truly understand that the news of her not being able to become a mother is devastating and it’s only natural to feel that life has lost all its purpose and meaning, BUT what I fail to understand is that how does she expect Sheheryaar to help her out of this situation? Being with Shahnaam makes her happy and Sheheryaar told her that she can visit that boy whenever she feels like, but we found her wondering, ‘’kaash aap keh detay kay mat jao.’’ If she wants Sheheryaar to make sure that he would stay by her side, that’s exactly what he’s been doing since the last two or three episodes! Why is she bent on proving that Sheheryaar is a cold and heartless guy?

Muhabbat ek aisa jaal hai jis mein hum larkiyan apnay aap ko bohat mehnat say qaid karti hain aur phir pachtati hain kay yeh kia hua. Sajal and Emaan’s conversation involved some hard hitting dialogues and I think for the first time EVER, (I could never have imagined myself saying this) Sajal made a lot more sense than Emaan! It made me happy that Sajal actually put herself in Emaan’s shoes and wondered aloud if Zareena and Humayun would have accepted the same circumstances for her. It’s a relief that Sajal is not as insensitive as her parents, but I am keeping my expectations low because I remember how her immediate reaction to Sheheryaar’s marriage was very promising but the later events proved otherwise. Sheheryaar kisi ka nahe hosakta, Sajal. Emaan actually thinks of Sheheryaar as the cruelest man alive and I don’t seem to get why. What’s the poor guy’s fault? He didn’t say ”I love you’’? Is that it? Emaan is a dreamer and her views about love are different from Sheheryaar, I know, but I was hoping for her to sense that she does hold a significant place in Sheheryaar’s life, but Sheheryaar being Sheheryaar, is reticent about his feelings. He likes some things to be left unsaid while Emaan wants feelings and emotions to be expressed – it’s not that big an issue as she thinks it is. I was actually shocked when she said, ”Shayad Sheheryaar waqai mujhe chornay ka soch rahay hain’’, because it was only in the previous scene that Sheheryaar had comforted her that he won’t leave her or marry Sajal! I don’t seem to get what she has against the guy she ‘loves’ so much. It’s strange that she loves Sheheryaar but has no issue with him getting married to Sajal. This was the last, let me repeat, the last thing I expected from Emaan. Had Sheheryaar given her any hints that he doesn’t want to live with her anymore, I would have understood why Emaan wants to walk out, but nothing of that sort happened. I feel that more than Sheheryaar’s family, it’s Emaan who’s responsible for the rift between the two.

Emaan nay bohat bahaduri say yeh sab kuch face kia hai. Emaan ki bahauri nay mujhay hara diya hai. I don’t really agree with Sajal because I don’t think Emaan has faced this blow with courage at all. She has been hopeless and she is constantly blaming Sheheryaar for not being able to understand her feelings. The Emaan we are watching these days is nowhere near the strong headed person she used to be.

Mein aur Zareena bohat seedhi saadi gharelu aurtain hain. OK, now we really need to revisit our definition of seedhi saadi! When did Chalak Chachi make a wise decision for the well being and happiness of her daughter? Did I miss something?

Just out of morbid curiosity, what became of that adoption plan? It sounded pretty good to me and from what we’ve been shown, Sheheryaar hadn’t exactly rejected it. It really felt like Emaan was very much into the adoption thing as well so I don’t know why no one’s bringing it up. Also, remember how Emaan was so very passionate about her school work and Sheheryaar had promised her that he would talk to his friend who also happens to be the Director of a school? That actually seems like ancient history now! Emaan is dealing with a blow but is Shahnaam the last kid on earth? I don’t like Emaan’s obsession with Shahnaam not because I am narrow minded or something but because I believe that running after a married guy’s child is not a pragmatic solution to her problems.

The best thing about Mol is Sheheryaar and the way he is dealing with this tough ‘phase’ of his life. I still have faith in the drama and I hope that the story moves along in a convincing manner. How many of you are watching Mol? Voice your views!

Maryam Mehdi


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