Mol – Episode 7

I love how each episode gives us an idea as to how different Emaan and Sheheryaar are from each other and it’s interesting how they still have a lot to learn about each other. While this episode had many intelligently written dialogues to offer, I loathed the extremely typical conversations between Hajra, Zareena and of course, the rishtay waali aunties!

The fact that Emaan and Sheheryaar receive ample screen time makes it easier for us to understand how these two think, how are they getting along with each other and how they don’t see eye to eye on most matters, and they deserve this screen time because the story solely belongs to Emaan and Sheheryaar and I hope it stays that way. I thoroughly enjoy the light moments these two share and the seaside waali request was very sweet. Sheheryaar is definitely not willing to change himself but from whatever we’ve seen up till now, I think it’s fair to say that he’s not expecting Emaan to change herself because of him (referring to the conversation at the dinner table, where Sheheryaar expressed his dislike for the dish Emaan liked but reminded her of the fact that it’s important for her to have her own likes and dislikes).

Kuch achi aadatain buri aadaton ko bohat jaldi badal deti hain. So after a lot of nakhray and upon Emaan’s continued insistence, Sheheryaar decided to break his habit of skipping lunch – well, it’s not a significant change, I know, but for someone as rigid as Sheheryaar Hassan, this really is something ;). Through these little things, Emaan is trying to make Sheheryaar realize that sometimes, it’s perfectly okay to put aside your ego, and change something about yourself, be it a bad habit, a long-held belief/opinion, and you’ll surprise yourself! :)

This episode also brings another character into the mix. I didn’t catch his name, I think he didn’t tell his name but the actor portraying the character is Adnan Jaffar. Adnan Jaffar has this screen presence that I really like so I am glad that he’s also a part of this show. All those years of working with children with special needs have made Emaan very sensitive when it comes to children. Adnan Jaffar’s character is a single parent and though he loves his son, he fails to give him the time and attention he needs and that’s where Emaan rushes to help. Emaan is happiest when she is around children but here comes the big revelation: Sheheryaar despises the idea of having kids and made it very clear that he doesn’t even want to talk about it. OK, now I really feel for Emaan! The fact that Sheheryaar goes by his book and can’t stand anyone challenging his way of life never bothered Emaan this much until now because I think its inhumane, chalo I take it back, highly insensitive of Sheheryaar to expect Emaan to‘understand’ and ‘accept’ the fact that he doesn’t like kids and anything concerning them! I think Sheheryaar fears responsibility because he was neglected by his father and he’s afraid that he will not prove to be a good father. I really have to mention that Sheheryaar hates Disney characters and you know, this really broke my heart – no wonder he is so awfully dry and boring!


Hajra wants her son back but it’s plain to see that she doesn’t want this out of goodwill. Emaan didn’t mention having a problem with living in a joint family before now and it’s clearly not the actual reason why she refused to Hajra’s request, order, or whatever you call it! I don’t think Emaan had the heart to tell Hajra that Sheheryaar himself doesn’t want to live with his parents. Emaan’s conversations with her mother always give us an idea as to what’s going on in Emaan’s mind. Emaan voices her fears because obviously she feels that it’s pretty strange how Hajra, who didn’t even bother to attend her son’s Valima, is now dying to bring her bahu beta back home.

The conversations between Hajra and Zareena were pathetic to say the least and those terrible, gaari gaari misaalain were seriously off-putting! Together, Hajra and Zareena want to give Emaan some tough time. Sheheryaar’s family belongs to elite class and I doubt that educated rishtay wali ladies have the audacity to pass the sort of comments we heard today. I think I can relate to Sajal’s state of mind because she is clearly frustrated with what’s happening around her. At this point, she needs some counseling to cope with this heartbreaking rejection but how is that possible when her own mother and Taayi don’t want her to move on? Hajra just needed an excuse to convince the men of the house that Sheheryaar and Emaan should live with them and now that she has an excuse, I am worried about the upcoming developments.

On a side note, I had no idea about the time lapse and if Hajra hadn’t have mentioned that shaadi ko aik daer saal hogaye hain, I wouldn’t have guessed it!

I think HUM TV should work on their background scores and come up with something new because in this episode I could hear the background music of three of HUM’s mega hit plays: Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Bari Aapa.

I really want to see what Adnan Jafar’s character has to offer. The promo revealed that Sheheryaar and Emaan’s married life is about to take a bad turn, so let’s see what happens next! Did you watch the episode? Voice your views :)

Maryam Mehdi


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