Momal Sheikh Is Looking For A Negative Role!

Javed Sheikh has contributed a lot to the entertainment industry of Pakistan. Now, naturally following in his footsteps, his daughter, renowned television actress and model, Momal Sheikh has has also debuted across the border with Mudassar Asiz’ directorial, Happy Bhaag Jayegi. However, the actress received backlash sine the films was considered to be anti-Pakistan.

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Had it not been for the bridge between India and Pakistan, Momal would probably have been working steadily in Bollywood now. However, what was she doing these days? Something Haute caught up with the actress at the launch of FTA-Lakhany lawn and asked her what she feels about the current situation. Though Momal was careful with her words and future plans regarding Bollywood, as many celebrities have understandably been.

“It’s just very unfortunate,” she said, “because for whatever reason our art is being effected. But we have to stay quiet and see what happens next because we don’t know what’s really happening on the inside.”

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Momal confirmed she had been on a break from big projects, but is ready to come back to the screen provided she gets an interesting script and a challenging project.

For now, Momal is busy in the production of her father’s upcoming directorial venture, Wajood, which is set to release this Eid-ul-Azha. Momal claimed that the film is going to be “an intense love story.”

“It is very different because I don’t think such a love story has come out since the revival of Pakistani cinema,” she said. “It’s something new, very filmy and it has all the elements a film should have.”

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When asked as to why she isn’t using the big screen for a film appearance?

“I can’t act with dad! Not at all! I can’t take his instructions as a director,” the actress exclaimed with a hearty laugh.

Momal also told shared how, she is eager to do a negative role, instead of the same old characters she has been doing since ages, but is yet to be offered one. Is Momal Sheikh as a villain what you’ll be seeing next on your TV screens?

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