Momina Mustehsan Shuts Down Twitter Trolls!

Internet has facilitated us in countless things, among which is providing us a universal platform to voice our opinions. Our Entertainment Industry has benefitted through it by learning what the public is interested into directly from the public, promoting their projects easily to a large population and making someone a celebrity over night too.

Artists can receive feedback on their work directly thanks to social media. They can also spread any message good or bad, that they want to share with their fans, directly without the involvement of any third party.

Momina Mustehsan has used her fame and twitter to voice a lot of her opinions to the world. Recently she was included in an online feature that applauded our famous celebrities who stood up against bullying. The article went viral on social media and of course people jumped in and started taking sides. Momina Mustehsan ended up having a full on debate with a few of her followers :

Arsala Khalid