Moray Saiyaan Episode 04 Review – Utterly Sweeeeeeeeeet!

Ohkay so, not that I haven’t said this before, I will say it again, Moray Saiyaan is such a cute drama I swear. I had this goofy smile on my face while watching this episode especially during the interactions between Ghaziyan & Zubaria. This drama is exactly a depiction of what Rabia Razzaque herself said that she wanted to show a very light-hearted love story & the creative team of Moray Saiyaan has achieved just that. Even though there are a few issues that are based on the egos & family issues, but the overall feel of the drama is just so appeasing. I am glad where on Mondays, for Sanam I have to especially make black coffee, on Tuesdays, I have a drama which I can sit back & enjoy with a bag of popcorn (just imaginary sketch to show how enjoyable this drama is).

So, Ghaziyan is persistent & even though his feelings for Zubaria came out of nowhere, I really really like his approach where he is not doing everything on his own but is also involving his own father & Zubaria’s father too. Ghaziyan did understand that Zubaria won’t do anything against her father’s wishes, so he went ahead & started getting cordial with Zubaria’s father to score himself some brownie points, very intelligent I must say Mister. That entire scenario was actually quite sweet where Ghaziyan was missing Zubaria so he found himself an excuse to see her & earn some time with her!

I really like Zubaria’s character, it’s like even though she is very serious & focused, she is not used as someone who is just pretty, it’s like Zubaria has a personality & an attitude which makes her look very dignified. Even though Ghaziyan has time & again said things to flatter her & has been very vocal about his feelings, I love the fact that Zubaria hasn’t responded him back in such a tone, it makes her look so mature in a sense that she is not someone who is easy to win over. Zubaria has a stance & she wants it to be respected. Even though Ghaziyan is a very decent guy but still Zubaria has not allowed him to think that she is liking that kind of attention from him.

I liked seeing the relation Zubaria has with her father & that surukh jora was actually a depiction of what he & even Zubaria’s mother wants to see. There was actually something very sweet about the entire scene where Zubaria’s father narrated the dream that he saw & immediately linked it to her daughter as like he said, no matter what parents want their children to achieve or become, by the end of the day, they’d always want to see their children settled & happy with a good life partner & no wonder he had this dream just when Ghaziyan came into the picture, it will actually help Zubaria in making up her mind about Ghaziyan!

So, Ghaziyan finally decided to plead his case in front of his father & he told him everything that he has started to feel about Zubaria. Even though Waris’s reaction was justified but I liked how he gave a chance to Ghaziyan to explain himself because when he did, even Waris was compelled to do some thinking as Ghaziyan had a point where he said he won’t be able to keep Nimra happy as he is not in love with her. I find it actually quite amusing that Zakia single=-handedly has frightened every single soul around her because it looks like even before breathing, they think about what Zakia might have to say about it, haha! It looks like Zakia has created this idea about herself where even though she poses to be strong, she has turned herself into a victim, that is why, till date her brother Waris feels guilty for getting her married to his friend Kabeer. I think Zakia needs to loosen up & should allow others to breathe too because no wonder why Ghaziyan feels more comfortable & relaxed in the company of Gul Zeb, at least she is not such a hilter like Zakia!

This episode shed a light on the fact that Gul Zeb knew Dr. Farah & Dr. Altamash from another reference & it was a reference of Kabeer, who was her sister’s husband, which actually did make sense but then again came as a surprise. I wish before showing their interaction in the 2nd & 3rd episode, they had established this fact that Gul Zeb & Dr. Farah knew each other because in these previous episodes, it seemed as if they were complete strangers & were only interacting because Dr. Farah was handling the case of Aashi. Same goes for Ghaziyan, he seemed quite reserved when he spoke to Dr. Farah all concerned about Aashi’s condition but now even he seemed to be quite cordial with her as if he has known her for a long time, at least long enough to be seeking relationship advice from her. This is the only thing that I found came out of nowhere but never mind, it did make sense because Gul Zeb was once related to Kabeer because of Zakia & now she knew Dr. Farah as Kabeer’s daughter in law I guess!

Overall, this episode was brilliant as usual. I am glad that I am getting to watch a drama like Moray Saiyaan which qualifies as a light-hearted entertainment, even though I know things will get a bit intense in the upcoming episodes but still, it will be an interesting ride. I think Gul Zeb & Waris’s meeting won’t be a smooth sail because he will go there out of concern as he is not thrilled with the idea of Ghaziyan getting interested in someone other than Nimra, so I think he might blame Gul Zeb or tell her to stop Ghaziyan from seeing Zubaria. I really feel for Nimra already, it’s like she is such a sweet soul & she seems to be obsessing over Ghaziyan but not for the wrong reasons as she has been engaged to him all her life, so it seems justified that she gets affected & upset over his behavior. I hope Ghaziyan approaches Nimra properly to share what he feels but yes, I still feel bad that just because Ghaziyan has come across Zubaria, he is leaving Nimra in the lurch, that too when their wedding is on the cards. Aww! Well, let’s see how the story unfolds. Neha Rajpoot & Uzair Jaswal are nailing their characters, yes, they still seem a little effortful in their acting but their strong on-screen chemistry compensates for their overall acting. I really like how witty Ghaziyan is, as in the dialogues that have been written for him are super cool! I will once again thank the team of Moray Saiyaan for picking Islamabad as their shooting location, it takes me back to the time that I have spent there & makes me connect to the entire drama & the characters on another level, so thank you once again. Please share your thoughts about this utterly sweet episode of Moray Saiyaan!

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