More From Aiman-Minal’s Birthday Party

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan celebrated 20th birthday party of 19th Novemeber and we had shared some pictures and videos with you. Now, brace yourself some more. The party was attended by the who’s who of the entertainment Industry. Director Atif Hussain who has worked with both Aiman and Minal in many projects was seen celebrating.

Birthday girls Aiman and Minal with Muneeb Butt and Amar Khan. Amar Khan’s latest project is going to be Dil e Bereham on Aplus. Muneeb and Aiman are doing Baandi on Hum TV while Minal’s Ki Jana Main Kaun is also airing on Hum TV. Also in the presence at the event was Minal Khan’s boyfriend Manzoor Khan. Minal anmd Manzoor have dating for a while now. The couple openly makes appearances at different events. Together, all four of them Aiman and Muneeb, Minal and Manzoor looked adorable.

Aineeb with Sunita Marshal and other Industry people who work behind the camera. Sunita Marshal appeared with her husband. Syed Jibran and his wife Afifa Jibran also attended the party. Nida yasir and Yasir Nawaz also came to celebrate.

Aiman with Sadaf Khanwal. Sadaf Kanwal’s latest single where she will be seen modeling has released.


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