Morning Shows Hosts Talk About Their Experiences

Farah Hussain is known for her unique style of hosting Morning Shows. Unlike other Morning Show hosts she does not add dances to her shows and mostly her show is more informative. Farah Hussain organized another interesting show recently by asking Javeria Abbasi and Noor to come to her show and talk about their experiences as Morning Show hosts.

Javeria and Noor shared some interesting aspects of hosting Morning Shows. They said that they appreciated the fact that Farah was educating people with her shows. But Farah Hussain said,

“When I meet people they appreciate me for doing a different show, for giving them information but the fact is that the shows in which there are dances and other things get more TRPs.”

farah hussain

Noor said that she was more comfortable acting than hosting. Morning Show hosts and showed in a short clip what hosting Morning Shows had taught them. Sanam Baloch said,

“I think that the objective of Morning Shows shouldn’t only be entertainment but we should try to focus on social issues too and do whatever we can for the society.”

sanam baloch1

Madiha Naqvi said,

“Hosting a Morning Show has made a better person. The only negative side of doing Morning Shows is that unless you have wedding functions on your show, the show does not get ratings. I don’t like that.”

madiha naqvi

Javeria Abbasi also shared,

“When Shaista Lodhi’s Morning Show was banned, the channels and the Morning show hosts were very scared. We used to get all kinds of strange instructions like how to wear our duppata, how to sit and what not.”

javeria abasi

Faysal Qureshi said,

“Being a Morning Show host is tough for me because I am also an actor, I am doing films and I have to go to the gym. It is not easy to manage. The biggest advantage of hosting these shows is that there are so many things in my heart which I want people should hear and these shows give me the opportunity to do that. I want people to love each other and stop hating.”

faysal qureshi

Noor said,

“Nowadays the only criteria for being a host is that you should look good, nothing else matters.”

noor bukhari


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