Most Memorable Negative Characters (2015)

Where positive characters easily make their mark because all the aspects work in their favor, it is equally difficult to give a stellar performance when you are playing a negative character & not only that, making it the most talked about character is also an art. Last year we came across a lot such negative characters that had us all talking & the actors succeeded in making us all hate those characters because of the negativity they embodied while performing those negative roles. A lot such actors who were seen in a positive light before took us by surprise due to their phenomenal portrayal of completely different characters, so it is our duty to acknowledge those brilliantly written & enacted negative characters.

Here’s the alphabetically ordered list of the most memorable negative characters of 2015:

Aatir (Muqaddas):

A disturbed child who later became a man with serious psychotic issues with the only motive of avenging his mother’s death. Aatir went ahead & decided to ruin Muqaddas’s life because he thought just because her father was guilty of creating a rift between his father & mother, he thought of coming back at him by ruining his daughter Muqaddas’s life. He created a perfect trap for her to believe that he loved her & just when she started trusting him, he turned her life upside down by putting her through mental trauma. Aatir’s character was a one of its kind because such a character wasn’t seen before where at one hand he would pose to love his wife & on the other, he’d be the one planning to traumatize her even more. Later when the nature of Aatir’s character was revealed, he managed to grab a lot of attention towards him & succeeded in turning viewers against him. Noor Hassan did a fantastic job by creating a mysterious aura about Aatir, his contained expressions & smirks really made him one of the most mysterious & talked about negative characters of 2015.

Noor Hassan

Farisa (Alvida):

Farisa’s character stood out in Alvida because of two reasons. Firstly because her complexes were shown in a way that the viewers had no problems relating to her selfish and manipulative ways. Farisa always envied Haya and when she got the opportunity to get the love of Haya’s life, she left Saim without even giving it a second thought and tried her best to make sure Haya never came home. The second reason why this character deserves to be in the list is the way it was translated on screen. This was the first time Sarah Khan gave a performance which was flawless. Many viewers who doubted Sarah Khan’s acting abilities were pleasantly surprised and were convinced that she had worked hard to polish her acting skills.

Sara Khan

Moeez Tajjamul (Diyar-e-Dil):

A very calculative & clever person who only desired his own benefit at the expense of hurting those who trusted & loved him the most. Moeez was his aunt’s favorite & she always thought of him as the son she never had & even though Moeez loved & respected her a lot, he sadly paid more heed to the planning & plotting his parents did & ended up trying to take a jump higher than it was required. Moeez’s twisted plan included getting Faarah divorced from Wali to bag the property she will get from her affluent Grandfather. Unfortunately for him, he ended up abducting Faarah which ended things for him as he was found out by Wali & handed over to the police. The most interesting thing was that you really couldn’t judge what was running through his mind & the attention he showed towards Faarah actually seemed genuine but it was not. I must say, Ahmed Zeb was a perfect choice for Moeez’s character as he acted that character really well.

Ahmed Zeb

Noor Muhammad (Mera Naam Yousuf Hai):

Waseem Abbas has played the role of an irresponsible and abusive father many times but what sets this role apart from others was that Noor Muhammad was a true depiction of the hypocritical face of our society. He was a man who used religion to meet his own ends and never followed any of the religious teaching while dealing with his immediate family. Noor Muhammad continuously judged his wife and daughters but never sat down to think about the flaws in his own personality. He was the perfect example of a self-righteous man who loses everything in the end because he did not value people who truly cared for him.

Waseem Abbas

Rameez (Alvida):

Rameez kept the viewers guessing for the longest time; his real intentions and personality wasn’t revealed until he got married to Haya. This was the first time Zahid Ahmed nailed a negative character. There were many episodes in which his character and acting stood out more than any other although he was playing a negative character. Just like Farisa, the viewers understood the reason behind his mistrusting nature and the way he abused his wife. Whatever he did of course was not justified at all. His character just like that of Farisa’s got exactly what he deserved in the end. Zahid Ahmed made the viewers relate to his character and there were times when the viewers felt for him.

Zahid Ahmed

Rasheeda (Sadqay Tumhare):

Rasheeda’s character was brilliantly etched-out; it was complex and intriguing. Sammiya Mumtaz’s effortless portrayal made Rasheeda’s character the highlight of Sadqay Tumhare. Rasheeda was someone who never got over her past and her past made her so bitter that she was incapable of loving anyone at all. The insane hatred which filled her soul made it impossible for her to make a fresh start. This character had to be one of the most powerful negative characters of this year not only because it was brilliantly etched-out but also because the viewers got to see Sammiya Mumtaz at her best in a completely different avatar.

Samiya Mumtaz

Ruhina Behroz Khan (Diyar-e-Dil):

An egocentric lady who lacked wisdom & farsightedness. Even though Ruhina changed in the end but she spent her whole life harboring grudges for one single incident that didn’t affect her life directly. She never had an emotional connect with her husband even to ask him what he was going through or what he went through for 20 years after not being in contact with his family. She had no insight or wisdom to differentiate between right & wrong, that is why she hated her well-wishers & loved her own enemies. Ruhina was always on a winning end because her husband guarded her his whole life & gave her the the life she never could’ve imagined but when he needed her support the most, she ended up hurting him too. Sanam Saeed did ohkay & sadly she didn’t shine as much as the audience expected from her, may be she had a hard time playing the role of a mother but overall her performance was average in comparison to the strong character that she was assigned to portray.

Sanam Saeed

Rukhsana/Apa Jee (Mohabbat Aag Si):

A hypocrite who would use her piety to fool people whereas in reality, she didn’t even have a basic fear of God because of which she exploited everyone’s trust & love they had for her. Rukhsana saw herself as a victim & she was indulged into this sense of self-pity that forced her to turn against those who she thought lived a happy & fulfilling life. She was clever & shrewd because she would come up with such dangerous plans in a jiffy without even thinking about the consequences. She ruined not only others but her own life too because of her unrequited love & in the end, after getting the love of her life, she still wasn’t at peace because by that time, she had turned into a psychological patient. Iffat Omar was phenomenal as Rukhsana/Apa Jee. She literally carried the whole drama on her shoulders & did justice to the character every step of the way. They showed different phases of Rukhsana’s life & Iffat Omar excelled in portraying Rukhsana’s journey throughout without any difference in her acting.

Iffat Omar

So, with this, we conclude our lists of memorable characters that were both positive & negative. Please feel free to add more names to the list & do share that in your opinion, which was the most hated character of 2015. Hope you guys enjoyed reading these articles as much as we enjoyed compiling them for you. Thank you so much for keeping the discussions so active & happening, it means a lot to us.

Zahra Mirza & Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan & Zahra Mirza