Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episode 12 Review – And The Struggle Continues

So finally the delayed twelfth episode of Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai was aired today. The episode was fast paced but because of a lot of developments in one episode, they were not all elaborated well.

Firstly, khala Batool was shown being so sweet to Naheed the very next morning after her tattling had created such a big trouble between Naheed and her brother. That attitude of hers was very confusing. Secondly, the neighbor’s proposal seemed really out of place. Though it could have been the end of Naheed’s troubles to accept his proposal, she knew that this easy way out was not the one that she wants for herself and her daughters; dignified and independent. Hence, she rightfully refused and that ended his chapter since he left immediately with all his belongings.

The saddest thing of the episode was that little Kiran finally lost her battle with illness, polio, poverty, her father’s utter neglect and her mother’s helplessness. The death was shown quite abruptly and the timeline moved forward quickly after that but Naheed had still managed to show some appropriate reactions of a grieved mother. Immediately upon hearing the news, she was devastated and kept on remembering all the things that were said after Kiran was diagnosed and how that little girl was frowned upon. That made me feel that Naheed must be satisfied deep down somewhere because even at that time, in the most limited of resources and support, she tried to get Kiran all the medical facilities she needed. Also, her stillness and her empty eyes when everyone was saying that it’s for her betterment that Kiran has died were truly those of a mother who loved her disabled child in a way this world can never understand.

Sadiq was shown mourning his mother’s death and while I always felt Sadiq to be dependent and weak minded, this episode changed it. He was purely evil and heartless when he got to know about Kiran’s death. Naheed’s absence on his mother’s death and her claims of raising their daughters aside, he should atleast have had some concern for Kiran. Some small fatherly twinge should have made him remember the little harmless baby girl whom he had never really accepted or known, but unfortunately there was nothing like that. There was this cruel man who was counting Naheed’s faults as if Kiran’s death had given him another excuse to vent out.

The time lapse of six years was a little off since Fariha was counting four years and Shehzad was counting two years since Iqra started tuitions or maybe he was saying two because Anam also joined her. Also, the story he had about Amber’s love for his son did not move the mean Fariha but it really affected him, even to the extent of saying that he is proud of his sister.

The promo will introduce us to Iqra, Anum and Amber as they are after the time lapse, and their reactions to all that they suffered in their childhoods. Let’s see how that one goes..

Mehwish Mansoor