Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episode 16 Review – Story Picks Pace

Episode 16 of Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai forwarded the story a little bit. The good thing about this drama is that the story is quite typical and predictable, yet what keeps you coming back is the individual characters of each actor in the play. They are all unique in their own ways and everyone has equal screen time. Another realistic thing is that no one is black and white, not even Anila, because in her own twisted ways, she was playing on Sajid’s craving for a son to ensure her orphan kids’ future, and not even Naheed because in a way, her choices have always unconventional too. Yet, the way these characters interact and engage and play their parts keeps this play an interesting and even comforting watch, since after the initial episodes, there is no under dog in the play. Everyone has carved out a life for themselves and for Naheed’s household, this whole credit goes to her. She is more of a man than all the men combined in the drama.

This episode’s main issue was Amber’s confusion and mental anguish because she, in her childish ways, wants to see her father suffer in front of her eyes. She wants to see his punishment and gets upset when it is not imminent. Saima Noor was again awesome in the conversation with her when she reminded her to focus on the happiness that is knocking on her own door. I’m doubly impressed by Saima Noor, never knew she can nail such a character with so much poise and grace. She is the show stealer, since day one of this drama. However, Mehwish Qureshi, Maryam Ansari and Saboor Ali, have all fitted into their roles by now. On the other hand, Anila’s sons are new actors probably and as yet have not delivered anything significant.

In Sadiq’s household, he is slowly but surely remembering what he had done with Naheed, especially when Anila called him manhoos. Sajid Hassan is phenomenal in the role. His body language, his expressions and his tone of voice does not even need dialogues to depict his defeat and regrets. He acts just by being on screen. He is so good to show the weaknesses of his character that you cannot hate him even after what he has done. He is so natural that he brings out the vulnerability and human element even in Sadiq.

Sabreen Hisbani is also doing a good job, being the selfish and mean Anila who can now see that she has raised monsters of sons but is too arrogant to admit it and keeps on covering them.

So far, Naheed and her daughters are managing all the expenses of Iqra’s marriage themselves. The girls have the same grit and resilience as their mother. Shehzad, on the other hand wants to come to bless Iqra but does not want to take any responsibility. Naheed and Iqra are scared deep inside their hearts because of Naheed’s and Sadiq’s troublesome marriage but they are all keeping a brave front till now.

stay tuned to watch Iqra’s shadi next week ..

Mehwish Mansoor