Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episode 17 Review – Beautiful

This episode was simply epic. It was brilliantly executed and despite the age old theme of the drama, there is nothing boring or cliched about its scenes. There Is something about the story telling of this play that that it does not look built upon an old phenomenon. Rather, it is original, natural and absolutely flawless. It has come a long way and now it is one of the best dramas of the week. The characters are very realistic, the backdrops totally natural and the story is flowing from all sides very neatly.

What happened today was totally impressive. All the characters are slowly coming to their justified ends in a very thought out manner. Iqra’s shadi was perfect under the circumstances Naheed is in. The whole wedding scenerio was so real that not even a single shot seemed out of place. Even the dressing was given a lot of thought. With Iqra and Anum wearing similar joras which were quite simplistic, given the way they were contributing towards their sister’s marriage were perfect. Saima Noor is every bit the graceful and elegant mother and mother in law that was herself from the very start, due to which she could not bear her daughters grow up with the devastating effects of neglect and abuse in the name of their gender. She is true to her character from day one. Despite all her troubles, she is the rock her daughters have always leaned on.

Iqra was sure that their father must have gone on holidays to avoid attending her marriage and her logic made perfect sense even though  Sadiq was unaware of her wedding. Iqra got a very loving and sensible husband who was what she needed to restore her faith in men. Mehwish Qureshi was amazing in today’s episode. She blossomed under the tender gaze of her husband and you could see the transformation from the girl with a scared and haunted childhood to a woman who was secure in her husband’s love and loyalty.

Amber is her usual naughty self and Fareeha is also her usual fussy self. Anum, however is going through a turmoil. First, she gets to know about Dr Jawad’s wife that she cannot even check expiry dates before giving medicines to her children. Secondly, she was faced with a very tricky situation when she had to choose between her professional duties and  her long seated hatred for her father and his second family. Mariam Ansari was brilliant in showing the expressions of a hurt and devastated daughter whose father was standing right in front of her, so concerned for his retarded son and so indifferent to his daughters that he did not have a slight inkling that she could be his own flesh and blood. She was upset beyond words but did all that needed to be done. However, it seems that it will not sit right with hot headed Amber when she will get to know that Amber had been treating Anila’s and Sadiq’s son.

The play has taken a very interesting turn. Stay tuned to find out how he drama unfolds from here.

Mehwish Mansoor