Muhammad Usama Ghazi the latest addition to Bol News


Muhammad Usama Ghazi the anchor person from Dera Ghazi Khan has also joined the upcoming news channel Bol News as vice president. Muhammad Usama Ghazi started his career from Express News during 2007 election and later worked on other news channels like Dunya News.

Before Usama Ghazi, many other famous anchor persons have also joined Bol News including Kamran Khan, Asima Shirazi, Waseem Badami and Iftikhar Ahmad.


Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali

  • Dear Muhammad Usama Ghazi,
    saw your program on chuniyan case where you hinted towards adding some medical records with NADRA. I wrote a paper about the issue and proposed introduction of next generation identification cards that includes dna fingerprinting few years back.
    I tried to reach the relevant authorities at that time to follow the 4 E’s model for implementation of the proposed interventions to achieve the goal but but badly failed to complete the first E that is Engage the authorities and so didn’t get a chance to create the burning platform. The paper i wrote covers all the legislative, human rights, social and funding aspects, is still lying below huge pile of files and never reached the next E’s ….education, evaluation, execution and finally embedding the plan to create the next generation identification card with active Rfid and microprocessor chip holding first molecular biometric data the only solution to mitigate errors is our law system, make the prosecution evidence based and translated into daily workflow practice of justice.
    I appreciate your wisdom for hinting towards the issue in your program.
    Regards and best wishes
    Dr. M.A. khan

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