Sadqay Tumhare Episode 4 – Lost In Love!

Pasand tu meinay aa hi jana tha, bachpan ki mohabat aik taraf ki bhi ho tu doosri taraf dil cheer kar puhanchti hai

Beautiful dialogues, exceptional acting and flawless direction Sadqay Tumhare is all that and more! I say more because everything about this play is just plain sweet and very genuine. Our spoiled, pampered, hot tempered and most of all emotional Khelu is lost in love. I like Khelu just the way he is – akharbaz, nakhray wala – an angry young man who knows what he wants and will do anything to get it! Khelu is unconventional, one of his kind! How often do we see heroes like him on screen who are so likeable too? Every episode of Sadqay Tumhare is overflowing with dialogues that leave their mark and scenes that stand out. Shano’s conversation with her friend, Khelu’s conversation with his captain, Shano’s mother’s conversation with her husband, Maqsood’s conversation with Khelu … every single scene was short, to the point and added something to the story or told you something about the characters. Khelu ke chakay pe chakay and the change in his personality depicted his state of mind so aptly.

Mahira Khan continues to impress me with her flawless performance; she has made Shano’s character memorable without a doubt. The television screen lights up with the innocence on Shano’s face whenever she appears on screen. The scene in which Shano’s father says “khalil mur jaye ga” was one of the many scenes in this episode which showed just how perfectly timed everyone’s reactions are – Shano’s entry and her reaction said so much about how she felt about that statement. Fayaz (Mukarram Kaleem) who is Shano’s first cousin and a possible suitor was introduced in tonight’s episode. He lacks the “class” which Khelu has and Shano makes sure that she keeps on reminding him that he is no more than a brother to her. Shano finally shared with her friend the reason behind her mother’s dislike for Khalil; Rashida was engaged to Khalil’s father but he ended up getting married to her sister. I am sure many viewers like myself cannot wait to find out the entire story. Rashida clearly wants revenge, she wants to ridicule her sister and satisfy her bruised ego. I love Samiya Mumtaz in this role, we have seen her crying and playing the bechari on screen a little too often, it is good to see her playing a role she has never played before. She has proved that she is capable of being much more versatile. When Rashida said “yeh rishta najaiz hai”, I couldn’t help but wonder why she said that?? And why was she so confused when her husband asked her the reason??


Jis se mohabbat ho jaye vo aise nahi milti jaise tumhe subha ka nashta mil jata hai conversation between Maqsood and Khalil was beautifully written. The “effect” Maqsood’s words had on Khalil (even if it was temporary) was obvious from Khalil’s expressions.

Adnan Malik’s rugged looks come as a breath of fresh air because usually our heroes are seen wearing a lot of make up since the concept that fair is lovely is quite popular among the male actors as well nowadays. It is good to see a man who thinks he will look great even without a light foundation and lenses, which seem to be a must-have nowadays! The make up artist deserves full marks for a job really well done. Mahira Khan has never looked this pretty, innocent and young.


This drama has an intoxicating effect on me every time I watch it. Shano in particular has totally won me over. Mahira Khan outshines in this character, the best aspect of her portrayal is that she has left Mahira Khan completely behind and has embraced Shano’s character entirely. The credit goes to the director Ehtesham-ud-Din for bringing out the best in all the actors. I am greatly impressed by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s writing, he obviously put in a lot of thought into this script or it could be that it came straight from the heart!

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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