Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 16.

Core dialogue of the episode: “Shahiq k saath bohat bura hua”, “bhai Shahiq k saath bohat hi bura hua”, “suna sab ne Shahiq k saath bura hua”, “hayeeee hum kahan jayein, Shahiq k saath bura hua”. I think the writer actually ran out of words after she wrote this masterpiece, I am sure she put all the vocab she had in the script so for that reason she was left speechless in literal sense to write some better dialogues.

Just when I thought Areeba has improved her makeup, I couldn’t help noticing the paindu multi-colored chogha she is wearing since I don’t know how many episodes. I think she got married to a rich guy who could afford a variety of dresses so why does she keep on changing dupattas over the same dress?

Arham ne koi teer mara hai after getting an approval for some project, which makes me wonder about how that happened because Arham is our stay-at-home husband, so, anyhow, he was seen pretty happy & quite candid with his brother while speaking about the project as he was quite casually conversing like Oh yaar, but all of a sudden he went into his psycho mode & wanted to run away because of the so-called tamgha he had set shining on his forehead. Accha, all this while I thought this was a happy time for the couple but amidst the forced happiness, Areeba found a time for seclusion to recall the petty past which we have seen & not to forget in a typical dukhi shakal of hers. & immediately after showing she was dukhi, she comes down asking Arham if he had shared the good news (:P) with Shakeel uncle, to Areeba ko kyun maut pari hui thi pehle? I think our becharay stars tried to give in their 100% but alas! The director was joking & I think the shooting of the drama began on 1st of April! :P

Everyone has now started complaining that Shahiq was wronged when he was forced into marrying this evil girl Narmeen, accha now that everyone knows it, why can’t anyone do something to fix it? If they know she wants to move out of the house, why don’t they throw her into some deep pit? Saath rakhna bhi hai aur rona bhi hai!

Areeba tells her father that Arham has become sehma & ghabraya in that house but in the very next scene he is coming down the staircase with this huge smile on his face to share the news of a big project he got approval of? To wo ghabrahat kahan gai? Aur wo sehma-pan? LOL! Initially I thought it was Arham who had lost it but I think the company is doing charm on Areeba & she has started to lose some too, because what she says doesn’t make any sense, anymore.

Narmeen had confessed in front of her mother that no accident ever happened so I am wondering what’s that changing scar doing on her forehead? Accha, when the evil-mama was speaking to her kharant-beti on the phone, I saw Narmeen’s heavy-baba tip-toeing into the room, I thought chalo shuker Aunty ka bhanda aur khali sir phootne wala hai but that scene was snipped without any end to it. I thought that scene would be dragged to the point where uncle will tell aunty to snap out of it but nothing happened, so what was the point of showing uncle doing the light moon-walk over the stairs? LOL, ajeeb hi direction hai bhai.

From the preview of the next torture I mean episode, I gather Narmeen will be exposed as Shahiq will like always eavesdrop on her where she will be confessing in front of her mother about the drama she planned against Arham, so let’s see what will happen or may be nothing might happen because Shahiq did find out about the accident show she put up but he forgot about it too, so I am thinking he might not say a word. Accha, did someone notice that Shahiq was wearing the same shirt in the eavesdropping scene which Arham was wearing in the gunnah scene? I think this shirt or the color is manhoos for this family because every time someone shows up in this color, something bad happens.

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ps: A little prayer: Ya Allah! Hamain is torture ko sehne aur ikhtataam tak pohanchanay k liye sabr aur himmat se nawazain, Ameen!

Zahra Mirza

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