Mumkin – Episode 13!

Ohkay so, this episode of Mumkin was quite interesting. Yes, it was slow in a sense that it focused on one aspect but nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it because this will mark the progress in the plot & story as the secrets are about to get unravelled & the strings attached to those secrets are about to get unfolded.

I really find Natasha unreasonable. Yes, she is a spoiled brat & she loves being the centre of attention, but that doesn’t mean that she has to act like a teenager who hates sharing her father’s attention with someone else. The whole ‘stay-away-from-my-father’ scenario showcased how unreasonably immature she was. She needs to understand that attention & care is earned, it’s not just showered upon you when you barely work for it. She never has treated people around her nicely & then she expects people to ignore everyone else & praise her for the things she has not even done?

Aziz is obviously persistent on getting Mehreen back. What made him upset the most was the news of how Rafia & Maira were considering getting Mehreen married to someone else. Even though Mehreen has stayed strong all this while & she has never given away the hint of how much she wants to be by her husband’s side but the accident finally broke the ice & she experienced the emotions she never thought she’d have for her husband even after so many years have passed. Yes, she has all the reasons to be mad at him & she has all the reasons to ignore him, but just the thought of him of going away once again melted her as she couldn’t take it anymore.

The way the driver gave away the details to Nageen was something that was done very realistically. Nageen is obviously feeling the change in Aziz’s behaviour but she also remains concerned about how he shouldn’t be on his own behind the wheel, therefore her conversation with the driver seemed very genuine. She just reminded him of his duties but then ended up finding something that she never imagined. I think it was quite smart of Nageen & an intelligent way of storytelling that she immediately put two & two together right after she heard about the whereabouts of this specific friend of Aziz that Nageen had no idea of & also when she found out that some lady accompanied Aziz to the hospital. Nageen obviously will work things through but this accident has taken a toll on her emotionally, that is why it may take a while for her to process & reconsider the things to figure out the truth.

I liked how Natasha softened up after Aziz’s accident. At least, it’s good to know that there’s someone who matters the most to Natasha & that is why, this incident moved her a lot, because of which she was able to see how everyone was concerned & how everyone was trying to stay by her side when she hit the rock bottom. At least, it would make her understand that this is what a family is all about, sticking together through ups & downs & how she shouldn’t always misunderstand them.

This drama is very interesting. The story may be simple, but it has been executed intelligently. All the actors have done an amazing job & everyone fits their respective characters to the T. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mumkin & let me know how much are you looking forward to Aziz & Mehreen’s reconciliation? :)

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