Munkir Episode 10 & 11 Review – Where’s The Common Sense?

Ohkay so, recently I haven’t made any bad decisions but Munkir spoiled my track record as the worst decision that I actually made was watching 2 of its episodes together for the sake of reviewing & oh boy how it ruined my entire afternoon. I didn’t really understand what was going on in these two episodes because the characters were made to say one thing by the writer, while the director forgot to establish the grounds for what they were talking about, like there was such a disconnect between the situations & the characters that this drama ended up looking purposeless, not that it had any purpose to begin with, but still!

So, in this drama, this cliché had to be used to take the story forward & that was the death of granny. The only good thing that I could take out from this cliché was that we won’t be getting to see the character/actor again as sorry to say I find her dialogue delivery cringe worthy, I remember saying this when I was reviewing Rubaru & that most certainly hasn’t changed, so yes, that worked but apart from that, her death was only used as an excuse for Runa to not get married to Zain!

To be honest, I find this extremely stupid that the father in this family is so clueless all the time that Rania actually had to inform him that Runa & Zain didn’t get married that night? Like how many daughters does he have or how many members are in his family that he was so preoccupied that he forgot to pay attention to this daughter of his who was getting married? Like Zain’s family, Rania & even Molvi Sahab created quite a ruckus that day outside Runa’s room, so where was her father at that time, who later was speaking about Zain like he was now his son-in-law? I must say the writer didn’t resort to basic common sense while penning down Munkir’s script because if he had, he himself would’ve realized how many blunders & loopholes were there in his work!

Majid & Zain’s conversations ‘used to’ be one good thing in this drama but even they seemed like a mumbo jumbo because like I have said before, the situations & the overly yet unnecessarily philosophical conversations had zero connection whatsoever. There was a talk about Runa being in love with Zain, daughters in Pakistan being sacrificial lambs, then sympathy for Runa then what not, but I just didn’t get any of that. Zain was seen contemplating whereas all he could’ve done was call Runa & have a detailed conversation with her trying to know what she wanted & what was happening at her end, because anyways, she lost her Daadi, so this is something that Zain should’ve done!

To be honest, nothing irks me more than seeing religious characters in our dramas shown in a negative light, like this sheds a light on the tunnel vision of our writers who are bent on proving that if you are religious you are bound to be rigid, unreasonable, judgmental idiots. In the beginning, I remember saying that yes, religious people can be a little judgmental but this time around, the limit was pushed & it seemed completely unnecessary. They showed Zain’s mother looking down on people, badmouthing about other’s daughters just because she has chaand sa eligible bachelor beta, like seriously, everything was so disgusting & it left such a bad taste in mouth, to the point where it made me think that the writer could’ve removed those rags over their heads & they would still look as irrational as he wanted them to look, like there was no need to add the entire religious agenda in it. This is something that has actually gone overboard where the writers these days use religious characters to show how following religion is going to make you weird, which is something so stupid as it showcases the shallow-mindedness of our writers!

I don’t really understand Anjum, like she was now blaming Runa for killing her Daadi? Hello, someone completed the course of her life, so she had to return to where she belonged, how come Runa was responsible if her Daadi’s heart stopped working? Also, Anjum blamed Runa for loving Gulrez & then shattering the trust everyone, including Anjum had on Runa? Seriously, like you are the nutcase the instilled this idea of love in Runa’s head for Gulrez & now you’re the one saying all these things? Once again, another example of having no logic & no common sensibility!

Runa’s father was now babysitting his daughter as if she survived a fatal accident? Yes, we agree that her Daadi died, but I really didn’t understand where all this sympathy was coming from & why in the first place that too to such a point where he was now judging Rania & doubting her intentions? Someone please remind Runa’s father that when he was busy minting money, it was Rania who was playing a role of Runa’s mother, her sister & her friend! Anyways, there was zero mention about Runa’s abduction, like no one in the family knew or asked where Runa was & what Gulrez did? Also, they didn’t even explain why Gulrez abducted Runa when all he had to do was sit quietly & not say a word? Like till date they haven’t actually showed what made Gulrez do that & what was his motive? He didn’t propose Runa & in the end let her go so!?!?!

These two episodes of Munkir were illogical & made no sense, like they served no purpose. All of a sudden, all the side characters came into the limelight & looked like they were stooping to new lows to grab the limited limelight that they were getting. This drama or this story has no depth, no meaning & no purpose, that is why it is filled with so many loopholes & a bunch of weird characters! Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Munkir.

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ps: I am wondering how does the title Munkir fit this story!?!?!

Zahra Mirza

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