Muqaddas- Episode 22

This episode wasn’t as thrilling as the previous one but I still enjoyed watching it :) The direction and everyone’s performances were commendable as usual.

Nida and Kabir are two completely different people with zero chemistry. Kabir is polite. Nida on the other hand is very loud. She blurts out whatever is on her mind, whenever she wants to, not thinking about how rude she could be. We haven’t been told how they met, and I wonder why Kabir married a woman with whom he has absolutely no understanding. From what I have gathered about Kabir till now, I can say that he has no intention of cheating on Nida. He knows that Muqaddas is Aatir’s wife, and that she already rejected him years ago. He is helping Muqaddas because he doubts Aatir’s sincerity. Nida has major trust issues, and that’s why she runs to Ruhi every other day to tell her how evil Kabir is. I laughed out loud when she said, “Kabir ne meri zindagi haraam karke rakhi hui hai!”  I really wish these two talk it out instead of fighting all the time (if that is possible)!

Aatir loves Muqaddas, and does not want to harm her in the process of revenge (as if he can anymore!). Mujhe nahi pata thha ke Jahanzaib ki takleef tumhari takleef hogi. He now feels bad for all that he did to Muqaddas, but his selfish nature prevails. The way he said to her that there are many more girls who are kidnapped, yet they live a “normal” life must have been demeaning for Muqaddas. It was easy for him to say that because he is the culprit himself. He wants to ease out of the guilt. 

Jahanzaib always gives me positive vibes, never evil ones. Seeing him walking alone on the streets, taking the food from the langar and then crying as he ate it made me feel really sorry for him. But the conversation between him and Aatir from the previous episode tells otherwise. It tells us that behind the naive, loving person lies a man who ruined the life of a woman, took a six-year-old’s mother away from him and lived a guilt-free life until his victim came for revenge.

Aatir’s reaction after finding out that Jahanzaib was back at his house was expected. It got me thinking of how Aatir keeps his dual personality under control. There were moments when he snapped but there were so many times when he contained his anger and just clenched his fists or gave a stern look. He has spent a lot of time building his cover and I will love to see that cover blown.

At Jahanzaib’s house, Kabir’s eyes did all the questioning from Aatir, who did his best to avoid them. Muqaddas was too emotionally occupied with her (once again) unconscious father to notice the tension. This was Jahanzaib’s second time unconscious and it really annoyed me because when he was out on the streets he was fine and now that he was on his warm bed he could not wake up! But then I saw his half open eyes and I understood that he was just trying to “hide”. He can’t face Muqaddas while not being able to tell her about who wronged her.

Ruhi still thinks that Muqaddas’s kidnapping was a drama and she still wants to throw Muqaddas out of Aatir’s life and get him married to Jia. Akbar was right about her sister. Even if she somehow manages to get Jia and Aatir hitched, she is never getting the family business for herself.

So, what do you guys think will happen next? Did you enjoy this episode? Feel free to share your thoughts :) I would have added some snap shots of the episode but Hum TV has not uploaded the episode yet.

Since this is my last review for the week, Eid Mubarak to my readers in advance :)

Areeba Mohsen


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