Muqaddas – Last episode

After 36 episodes, Muqaddas came to an end today. I’ll say this first-hand, that the ending of our favourite show was not perfect, but the last episode did have it’s share of dialogues and scenes that I loved watching, and I am sure, you did too!

Ham donon intiqam aur ghusse ki aag mein jala diye gaye. This is exactly what I feel about Muqaddas and Maryam’s characters. Both of them suffered because of two men’s thirst for revenge_ two men who were very much alike in their selfishness. In order to avenge his mother, Aatir created another victim. He did achieve what he wanted to, i.e causing Jehanzeb so much grief that he wished for death but when the time came, he couldn’t stand back and gloat. Jehanzeb couldn’t tell the truth to his daughter when he was alive, but he made sure that she knew the truth when he was dead and didn’t have to face her. Before Aatir could bask in the glory of his achievement, he had to face the woman he wronged and make her believe that he really loved her. Something I thought she would never believe now.

Tehreem did shout at Aatir but the first slap was delivered to him by Muhib, and a well-deserved slap it was! However, it did not beat the second slap which Muqaddas delivered. Abhi tak tumhare intikaam ki aag nahi bhuji hai? The whole scene was very prowerful, not just because of the dialogue (which was ah-mazingly written) but because of Iqra Aziz’s and Noor Hassan’s phenomenal performances (and yes, I am using the word “phenomenal” once again). Everything that Muqaddas said to Aatir in that scene was what I wanted her to say. The way she reminded him the difference between love and hate was spot on! The highlight of the episode was, nonetheless, Aatir finding out that his mother was alive and well. Noor Hassan’s expressions once again, hit the nail on the head! His eyes did all the talking. Aatir realized that all the hurt that he caused Muqaddas was for nothing and that Maryam was alive all along.

Aatir’s reaction was justified, but I was surprised after hearing what Maryam had to say to him. She was right when she reminded Aatir of how wrong he had been, how he had destroyed Muqaddas’s life, but I had a hard time digesting the fact that a mother showed no affection towards her son the first time she met him after so many YEARS. I know that she was shocked after seeing this face of her son, but I have never seen a mother’s character so devoid of love for her son. Instead she forgave Ahmed Ali, the man who believed a lie about her, called her child illegitimate and threw her out of his house in the dead of the night. I expected Muqaddas never to forgive Aatir, but being a mother, Maryam’s hatred for Aatir was unrealistic.

Kabir and Nida getting back together must have been disappointing for a lot of viewers who were rooting for Kabir and Muqaddas. I was not taken by surprise though, because I did not expect a fairy tale ending. Muqaddas never loved Kabir and there was no way she was going to marry him. With that said, I have to admit that Kabir was the nicest character in this drama. He is a genuine and compromising person who deserved nothing but happiness. I am not sure Nida could ever give him that.

Aatir’s end was not something I wanted to see even when I knew it was possible. I never wanted Muqaddas to come back to him (or Maryam to come back to Ahmed for that matter) but I wanted him to still have his life and sanity. Aatir was an extreme minded person and I know that the writer has made us all well aware of his nature in the previous episodes, but I am done with the idea of the villian dying or losing his sanity in the last episode! How about moving far away from the people he destroyed and regretting his decision like a sane person?

Lekin chalo, kisi tareeqe se, we make sense of all this, the last scene was definitely unsatisfactory. This “legacy” of revenge should have been stopped after Aatir, but the fact that Muqaddas chose to continue it made me feel sick! I feel sorry for the child who will grow up with a mother who’d be full of hate. A mother who will never let him know the name of his father. Will it be another Aatir or Sarmad?

Overall, Muqaddas was a show worth-watching. The thrill and suspense kept us all glued to the screen! I remember watching the first episode and thinking, “It’s going to be another love story!” The second episode was the one that caught my interest and I could not stop watching the show after it. Ever since the kidnapping scene, we all kept guessing who the kidnapper was. I really enjoyed reading the readers’ theories about the kidnapper and his purpose. It was really fun reading not just the fans’ comments, but the ones from the cast of the show itself.

This was a show that was different from anything else on-air right now. The writer Adeel Razzak pulled off the thriller really well. He kept introducing new twists at the right time, and made sure we were all engrossed. Ali Masud Saeed directed the wonderfully written script really well. All the actors, including Noor Hassan, Iqra Aziz, Hina Bayat, Farhan Ali Agha, Khalid Anum, Furqan Qureshi, Nida Zaidi, Zainab Qayyum, Mohammad Asad and Agha Jarrar did their job well. The whole team of Muqaddas deserves a round of applause for what they have have achieved, i.e pulling off a thriller . Only if the ending was a little more satisfactory!

Areeba Mohsen


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