Mushk Episode 3 Story Review – Thrilling & Intriguing

Mushk is turning out to be an entertaining drama that has a little bit of everything; mystery, romance, and even comedy. Mushk gives you old PTV dramas’ feel because some of the tracks in it and even the treatment given to it is somewhat the same. The story is being revealed gradually, there are multiple tracks, and watching every episode is like reading one chapter of a novel and waiting an entire week to read the next one! One of the main reasons why I waited 3 weeks to review this drama was that the mystery was too much to handle and I needed a little more information in order to be more ‘comfortable’ with the story.

Tonight’s episode had to be the most thrilling and exciting one so far since there was a major development in the story. This was the kind of episode that keeps you on the edge and leaves you looking forward to more. Imran Ashraf’s overall look for this drama is different and even though he has written the script, Adam, his character, has not been the center of attention. He however leaves his mark every time he makes an appearance. Guddi and Adam’s characters have been the most appealing ones so far. Urwa Hocane played her role in Punjab Nahi Jaungi so well, Guddi’s character reminds me of Durdana. I loved Urwa Hocane in the role therefore it is definitely pleasing watching her play such a character in a drama as well. Surely there is more to Guddi than what meets the eyes, I am waiting to find out more about her backstory and the reason why she was willing to strike this deal with Mehak.

Latest Developments

Tonight’s episode opened with revealing how Shayan (Osama Tahir) ended up being his mamu’s prisoner. Muqaddar Khan’s (Aehsun Talish) ruthless nature was established through that one scene in the previous episode which pretty much summed up what this man was capable of doing if things did not go his way. This opening scene was quite meaningful and it gave a lot of information about the characters involved. Tonight, it almost seemed like Muqaddar Khan knew that Shayan was already married but he did not want to hear about it. Shayan’s shocking reaction clearly showed that he was completely unaware of the fact that his mamu was capable of doing something like this. The fact that Shayan stood his ground back then and did not give up even when he was imprisoned shows that he has a strong personality. Osama Tahir and Aehsun Talish both performed exceptionally well in this opening scene. I am actually glad that after Dar Si Jati Hei Sila we are getting to watch Osama Tahir in a meaty role.

Mushk Episode 3 Story Review - Thrilling & Intriguing

Adam and his sister’s scenes have been the lighter side of the drama. Adam seems to be living a rather simple life. He is a hopeless romantic who is head over heels in love with Mehak and he has a friend in his sister, someone who understands his feelings and looks out for him. This hero is quite similar to the romantic male leads penned down by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. You feel an instant connection to this character even though he doesn’t get a lot of screen time, his scenes are meaningful.

Hassan Ahmed’s character’s backstory was revealed tonight as well. His wife Zulekha (Zara Tareen) is a fierce woman but we found out today that she wasn’t always like this. Zara Tareen’s performed impressively in this episode. Right from the beginning, the taye had a definite screen presence and now we know why! She ended up being the reason why Guddi was thrown out of the house. Guddi and taye’s scene was the highlight of this episode, well written and executed. I must say that I was rooting for Guddi but whatever happened made perfect sense! I am glad Imran Ashraf has not held back while showing what such powerful people are capable of doing and that they leave no stone unturned while letting others know where they stand. Mehak has been shown as a rather meek character right from the beginning therefore it made perfect sense that she did not go after Guddi.

The fact that Guddi actually left with the baby and there was nothing Mehak could do about it showed that we will continue watching more unexpected twists and turns in the upcoming weeks. The preview of the next episode was seriously disturbing, will Mehak’s baby be kidnapped? I am sure I am not the only one who wants to find out more about the Sehar Khan and Raza Talish’s track.

Mushk Episode 3 Story Review - Thrilling & Intriguing

I absolutely love Sami Khan’s energy and his confidence, he never goes overboard and is superb in every single scene. After watching the first episode, I did get ‘DJ’ vibes from his character but as the story is progressing it is also turning out to be another interesting character.

Final Remarks

This is the first time that I am watching a drama written by Imran Ashraf and there are times when I feel that his writing style is somewhat like Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s. The dialogues have often been detailed and verbose, he also seems to have his own ‘philosophy’ regarding romance, which he wants to share with his viewers. He is also not afraid to experiment which is always a good sign!

As far as the basic storyline and characterizations are concerned, I feel that Imran Ashraf as a writer has added a lot of meaning and detailing which makes Mushk a drama that promises to be a journey worth looking forward to. He seems to be enjoying playing Adam’s character, who would understand it better than the person who wrote it! I am waiting to see how Adam reacts when he finds out Mehak’s secret if he finds it out! I must say that the promos of the upcoming episodes have been put together well since they are often misleading and you don’t know what to expect.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Mushk? Did you find it intriguing? Share your views.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Thank God you started reviewing this drama. Thrilling and intriguing for sure. What an episode!! Everything you wrote in your review is exactly what I noticed in the past 2 weeks. Imran Ashraf’s style is like KRQ and he is not scared of experimenting. I really hope that the baby is not kidnapped. Waiting the whole week to watch a new episode is tough.

    Now it will be double the fun with your reviews and discussions on reviewit.

    • So glad you’re watching this one Hamnah, I always look forward to your feedback. Yes! Me too. Poor Mehak, I feel for her already. Oh yes! It is really tough.

      Thank you so much for being part of the discussions.

  • Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat is making me cringe. You made the right choice Fatima. You also chose the perfect time to review it because this was the best episode. I liked this episode the most. Everyone in my family is watching and loving this drama. It reminds us of old PTV dramas as Waris Jangloos. We need more such dramas. The preview gave me goosebumps. Awesome review and episode. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much, Yusra. You are right, this was the best episode of Mushk so far, haha perfect timing for sure ;) Same here, the prison sequence reminded me of Jangloos, I was a kid back then but I still remember how invested I was in the story LOL!!

      You’re most welcome, keep reading and commenting.

  • Not happy, i was waiting for your review of Ghissi pitti mohabbat.. not interested in mushk with wohi love story and mystery…kitni dekhin hein aisi stories pehley 😭😭😭😭.

    Dil mera tor diya ney bura kyun maanon? ko haq hai key woh Ghissi pitti mohabbat review karey ya na karey …

    same comment here. Her week new dukh wala comment aapki nazar hoga.

    • Waqar lagta hei aap ne Faseeh Bari wali hamari post nahi prhi – please read it. Sorry for breaking your heart bro, ye tu collateral damage ho gaya haha!

        • reviewit ke main page pe top articles mei, you know I don’t run the website Waqar, after that post by Faseeh Bari, the admin asked me not to review GPM otherwise my plan was to leave Sabaat at some point and review GPM.

          • Yes, i just went through the article. Sad to read such bad words from writer against you people. Per don’t worry, jinhein apney maqsad aur niyat ki khabar hoti hein woh aisi cheezon ko ignore karkey aagay chaltey hein. More power to you

    • ghissi pitti mohabbat mujhe itni achi nahi lagti bahot disappointed hu uski story line me, therefore ab ma nahi dekhti, the dialogues in it are too cheep for me

  • Thank God you chose Mushk cuz…same. I’ve loved it from the get go, it just pulled me in. The major attraction for me was Urwa, but thankfully the story seems great too. So far I’m loving Urwa’s portrayal of a girl without many scruples and a possibility of a dark past (grabs popcorn). Tai ji is my 2nd, what a girl. I’m rooting for her even though she was mean to my numero uno (Guddi), I still loved her for being badass enough to not let a chit of a girl bring her down. I like Mehek, but Moomal usually brings zilch to her roles…let’s hope this time it’s different. I’ve also never liked Imran’s acting EVER, except as the unmatchable Bhola, but I am loving the shy, boy-next-door act here. Ahson Talish was beautifully beastly…melikes. The side tracks are good too, I’m especially intrigued by the fellow prisoner of Shayan’s. How did Mehek’s parents die, why does the selfish Taya ji loves her more than his own daughters (according to Tai ji)? Who is Mehek’s cousin’s bf? What’s Guddi’s backstory? A lot of questions and I hope they would not be answered untill we’re sweating in our seats and going sleepless for days cuz I love me some real suspense. You got everything right with this review…keep em coming.

    • Hello N, so good to hear from you again and I am so glad that you are watching this one. Totally and completely agree with you about Momal but so far I feel she has been convincing, except for that scene in the previous episode when Mehak is telling Guddi the story, that was more of Momal and less of Mehak, if you know what I mean;)

      Same here N, After RRK I am liking Imran Ashraf in this one the most, I like his overall look and the treatment he has given to the character. Mehak’s dada mentioned his son sacrificed his life for the family’s integrity but how? Waiting to find out!

      I will IA. Keep reading and commenting, you know I love your comments.

  • Finally! Was waiting for your review. The thing I liked about today’s episode was Tayi’s character! She is not negative. It is a grey character. I think The Othet person in jail is connected with Muqaddar Khan’s Wife. Its Imran Ashraf’s another character which will be remembered. Momal is the worst choice for Mehak as Kubra accepted and announced on the show. Dont know why she left it.

    • Thank you so much for looking forward to the reviews Mariam. Kubra would have been the perfect choice but I heard she was busy with shooting her film perhaps and therefore couldn’t be part of this drama.

  • Assalamualaikum Fatima. Great review. I am really enjoying this drama, and looking forward to what happens in the upcoming episodes. I’m really glad Urwa came back after a long time, the last time I saw her was in Udaari and she did amazing acting in that drama as well. I find her to be very natural, and she doesn’t go over the top. In the first two episodes I started to not like the tayi’s character, but after seeing her backstory I completely understand why she is so strict. All in all, the entire cast has done a great job ( I also didn’t know that Ahsen Talish could do such great acting).

    • Waelukum Asalam Marium, thank you so much for liking the review and for commenting. I really liked Urwa in PNJG, she was amazing as Durdana, do watch the film if you can. I agree with you, she doesn’t go overboard. Aehsun Talish actually always has such an amazing screen presence, he always makes his characters memorable.

      I appreciate your feedback, keep reading, and commenting.

  • Assalam ulikum fatima mam
    Me ne 2 din pehlay ap ka aur zahra mam ka post daika jis main ne ap logo ne gissi pitti mohabbat k writer  faseeh bari khan ko un k bakwas post per reply diya tha shayd un k post ki wajah say ap ne gissi pitti mohabbat ko review bi nahi kiya.
    Fatima mam.. Main 2016 say ap logo k reviews follow kar raha ho aur jo dramas ap log recommend kartay ho main sirf us ko hi daikta ho qasam say me ap ogo k reviews per blindly trusts karta ho..  Magar ab mujay kuch time say ye lag raha hai k reviewit ko momina Duraid and Sultana siddique chala rahi hai.. Jantay hai ap aisa q lag raha hai q k aaj kal yaha sirf un k hi dramas review ho rahay hai beshak un k dramas different stories hoti hai and well written and well directed hotay jai but agar honestly daika jaye to geo per Deewangi drama bi bilkul review k qabil tha Ary digital per bikray moti, log kiya kahenge serious topics per based hai and at least sabaat say to buht behtar hai laiken main ne in drama ko yaha appreciate kartay howe nahi daika kabi bi..
    Fatima mam mera maqsad apko hurt karna nahi laiken mujay is week ko shiddat say intezaar tha k gissi pitti mohabbat k review  ayega main is week main 20, 30 martaba ap logo ka site check kar chuka ho but very dissopointed k yaha usko review nahi kiya.. Beshak mushq bi acha hai but very fed up from serious topics mujay ab is depression k era main GPM jaisay dramas achay lagtay hai..
    Agar ap ne faseeh bari k post ki wajah say GPM ko review nahi kiya to ye ap ne ghalat kiya ye idream production ka drama hai and at least sabaat say to behtar hai sub. Ap sabaat ko chor ka usko review karsakti hai ap faseeh Bari k liye nahi hum logo k liye review kartay ho.
    Agar ap is comment say hurt hoi to main maafi chahta ho and please don’t be biased thank you

    • Waelukum Asalam Ayaz, Aap itne salu se yeh website follow kr rahe hei tu yakeenan aap ko yeh bhi maloom ho ga ke pehle din se hi mujh pr HUM ke dramas ko prefer krne ki stamp laga di gaye thi is liye ye sun kr na herani hoti hei aur na hi pareshani. Bulke thore arse tk koi aisi baat na kare tu kuch ajeeb sa lagta hei LOL!!

      Ek kahani sunati ho aap ko bhai. I started reviewing dramas with Durr-e-Shehwar, purani baat ho gaye ab tu, us wakt review writing ko logo ne itna accept bhi nahi kiya tha aur mei akeli hi thi reviews likhne wali dramasonline pr (us wakt reviewit nahi tha, we made this website later). Phir hua yu ke agay peechay meinay HUM ke hi kuch dramas review kiye, social media pe logo ki aksar yehi tanqeed/shikwa hoti/hota thi jo aj itne salu baad phr kr rahe hei. Yahan tk ke logo ne ye bhi kaha ke HUM walay mujhe pay krte hei reviews likhne ke liye. Yahan tk ke HUM Ke popular tareen dramay criticize krne ke baad bhi yehi rumors thay. Mere apne janane walay aksar mjh se poochte thay ke kya aap HUM ke liye likhti hei. Ab kafi arse se logo ki ye misunderstanding clear ho gaye thi kyunk meinay HUM ke leading dramas ko kafi criticize kiya even at a time jb un ki sirf tareefei ho rahi thi. Sabaat ka review prha ho ga aap ne, I am being critical and not raving about the show, how is that a compliment for HUM? Aap hi bataye.

      In fact, jab Firdous Jamal aur MD Production ka apas mei conflict hua us wakt Hamza Firdous asked us to post his stance on reviewit’s social media handles and YouTube channel. Rahi baat GPM ki tu such ye hei ke mujhe koi bhi drama review krne se pehle admin se poochna hota hei because I don’t run this website, I work for it aur unhu ne yehi behtr samja ke reviewit GPM na review kare. I honestly didn’t feel ke mujhe GPM review krne ki itni shadeed arzoo thi ke us ke liye mei apne boss ke sath behas mei prti.

      Baaki ghaltiya insan se hi hoti hei yakeenan meinay bhi in itne saray salo mei buhat kuch ghalt kiya ho ga, ghalti kr ke hi insan seekhta hei aur jo ghalti kr ke bhi na seekhe wo insan hi nahi ;)

      Bilkul hurt nahi hui janab, purane din yaad krwa diye aap ne, I thought itne salo baad shayad ye sb sunane ko na mile haha! I respect your opinion and understand your disappointment. Khush rahei.

      • And yes about Bikhray Moti, I wanted to review it and started watching it but after a few episodes, it was literally putting me to sleep. I am all for issue-based dramas, always have been, but nowadays even documentaries are gripping is liye aise dramas ka gripping hona buhat zaruri hei. It reminded me of Ghairat, a lot of repetition and problems – that’s about it. Issue acha raise kiya hei lekin script mei jaan nahi hei.

        • Ok thank you so much main buht dissopoint hogaya tha islye waisay mera suggestion ye hai k ap sabaat ko chor k saraab ya log kiya kahenge pick karle

          • You’re welcome Ayaz. Saraab dekh rahi hu mei, story mei koi dum hua tu zarur karu gi review, abhi tk mujhe kuch aisa khaas nahi lag raha. I am waiting for Bilal and Sana’s upcoming drama too aur filhaal Sabaat end tk review krne ka irada hei mera.

      • Fatima I applaud your graciousness because Ayaz doesn’t appear to be such a regular reader if he was one he wouldn’t have said something questioning reviewit’s credibility like this. I have been reading your reviews ever since dramasonline days and I have always founds your reviews so good and balanced even when we did not agree, you were always welcoming of my opinion. I don’t comment often but this comment by this regular reader made me comment. I think just because some people read reviews here they feel the reviewers should do what they want. Strange expectations maybe because you are too nice! Anyway you’re doing a great job, keep it up. I value your opinion more than any other reviewer.

        • Thank you so much for all your love Javeria. I remember our discussions from DeS days and our disagreements too ;) It is always a pleasure hearing from you. Keep reading and commenting.

    • They have to review only 2 dramas. Loug Kya kahen gey is same boring been there seen that. Bikhray Moti is ary’s weekly dose of depressing dramas. Every drama EVERY, on Geo has two boys one girl or one girl two boy triangle. Deewangi bhi yhi triangle tha that they dragged to 41 episodes, 41!!!

  • Great review as always!
    I want to ask 2 questions.

    Yeh dil mera or Pyar ke sadqay
    Will You Review Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3? It is different story from previous 2 seasons and based on my fav. Novel “Abdullah”?


    • Thank you so much for all the love and support Pakistani Potterhead. You’re absolutely right, sometimes people don’t think before posting a status! Ill-informed and badly worded! Thanks a lot, keep reading and commenting.

  • This episode was the most interesting so far! I’m glad that you’ve started reviewing it.

    Tayi was projected as a negative character in previous episodes but this one revealed that she wasn’t like this always and even her husband, on the contrary, wasn’t also the same.

    I like Adam’s character and Guddi so far. Osama Tahir and Momal have done a good job but ever since I’ve found out that Kubra Khan and Gohar Rasheed were the first choice for these characters, I find myself looking for Kubra and Gohar in them. I think Momal’s dialogue delivery is a bit monotonous but otherwise she’s doing good too.

    I have watched Imran Ashraf’s previous drama (as a writer) Tabeer too and his dialogues are quite hard hitting and do have a KRQ feel. So far, this story is quite interesting too. I am waiting to find out how and why Guddi has ended up here. Her character is quite strong and it will be interesting to know why she is doing this and why Mehek has chosen someone like Guddi when she could have found anyone else easily.

  • Hi. Thank you for the review. I have been following this site for ages, and started wondering now that why there are so few reviews of the dramas. Good that you thought to review Mushk. Unlike the other dramas, this one need your full attention while your watching this. And this is a pleasant surprise.

    I hope the drama continues on the same phase.

    • Hi Mahjabeen, you’re most welcome. Thank you so much for following reviewit for so long, we value our readers. Yes, it does for sure. It is something different; the script, and the treatment given to it.

  • I was waiting for this review. Thank you Fatima for choosing Mushk. Your choice is always good while reviewing dramas. Even if a drama is not that good your reviews make it more interesting and the discussions on reviewit are my favorite because there are so many different opinions. What you said about the initial confusion is so on point and the intrigue simply gets to you. Waiting a whole week is tough. Ahson Talish’s acting was remarkable in this episode. Like you said he has a screen presence. Imran Ashraf is finally part of a good drama after Ranjha Ranjha.

  • So happy that you picked it up Fatima. You are so right, Mushk gives old PTV dramas vibes, especially those of Quetta center. Reminds me of Waris and Jangaloos alot.
    I have just watched 1st episode and I am very busy rn and hoping to catch up soon!
    I must say, I love Sohail Sameer’s get up and performance. Imran Ashraf is finally out of Bhola mode.

    I am glad that you picked Mushk for reviewing. As I told you a few months ago about the comments Faseeh Bari passed on IK, I didn’t want to watch GPM and now I was having second thoughts because I thought you were going to review it. And Faseeh showed his colors once again 🤦‍♂️. I don’t know what do these writers think of them. I remember at the time of 7DMI you were the only one praising it and even people said then that you are writing a paid review, but Faseeh wanted to see actors from soaps in a list of prime time drama actors. And isn’t Edison Idrees the writer who turned an Indian movie into a drama script that even Sarmad Khoosat, Imran Abbas, Sajal and Marina Khan couldn’t save. Bohat kuch kehnay ka dil Kar raha hai but kher چھڈو پراں. We love you and Zahra and your reviews ✅☺️
    Good luck reviewing Mushk ✌🏻

    • Thank you so much Pakistan Po for your support and yes for knowing well that we are never biased and have often been ‘accused’ of being more inclined towards HUM! What choice do we have? As you said Geo dramas are a drag-fest so much so that even the writers who write these scripts simply hate the treatment given to the dramas. ARY banks on balaas and nands LOL!! So true about 7 Din Mohabbat In! That is exactly what I said to Zahra when I read this status, the irony! Yes, I remember you told me about those comments in some talk show, just goes to show how observant you are and how right you were! I was appalled by the language used in the status! LOL Yes! So true about Edison.

      Thank you once again for all your love.

      I am glad you will be watching this one, do comment whenever you get time <3

  • I was so looking forward to this drama….sadly, not able to connect to any of the story tracks here. The situations look forced and done to death kind.
    My expectations were very high, I guess. I couldn’t finish watching episode #3.

  • Ashraf certainly seems to have Qamar’s style of writing as far as the use of the language is concerned, although that’s a comparison I’m a bit wary and somewhat unwilling to make, especially after reading through the problematic undertones of “Meray Pass Tum Ho.” I’ve barely begun watching this show so I can’t say how it gets in 20-something episodes, but I don’t get the same undertones here.

  • >