NAB officer’s wife slapped daughter of Actress Shugata Ijaz, harassed staff in her salon

Below is the Facebook Status of Haya Ali which is self-explanatory

“I’m guessing most of you saw the news on ARY last night.
I’m going to now break it up for you and provide every detail necessary to try my best and put an end to this vile behavior.
It all started Tuesday around 1 pm when a client at my salon started to create an issue about a chain she had lost after she took it off to get her services done (and completely forgotten about It I may add) She claimed it was valuable and returned the next day to look for it. Okay so first she starts a fuss about why her calls weren’t answered at 11 pm last night. Whereas our closing time is 9pm. I politely told her that our phones whether mobile or landlines are only operated during business hours, just like every single other business in the world!

Next, she refused to take responsibility for her loss. And got furious when I told her over the phone that I can do everything I can to look for it and have my staff look for it but no promises. And that if incase I don’t succeed in finding it, it is not my fault, But hers for forgetting it. I happen to have a giant sign at the reception that clearly states that my salon is not responsible for any loss whatsoever and every client must look after their personal belongings, Which is why we have brides bring attendants to look after their sets and stuff. This is where she got hyper and out of hand. I asked her to calm down (still politely and still over the phone) and assured her that me and my staff would do our best to help her find her chain. And I kept my word. My staff helped her look even in the trash! After I told her that nothing can be done about it and me or my employees aren’t responsible for her loss (as stated in the sign at the reception). Here’s where she completely lost it and starting screaming like her life depended on it. And started blaming my employees. I told her that all of my employees possess good morals and I would know because I interview and hire them myself. They’re like family to me, given they’ve been with me since many years. She demanded i show up to address all her concerns personally ASAP and slammed the phone shut.

And so i rushed to the salon to find her sitting at the main reception, STILL yelling at my staff. I tried talking to her and asked her to calm down several times (STILL POLITELY) And she refused. She got physical and started scaring my other clients. One of which was an elderly woman who rushed to her, gave her water and asked her to calm down. Upon which she yelled twice as hard and almost got physical with my client. I told her that her behavior was unacceptable as it is and that she shouldn’t cross the line by harassing anyone.

I asked my other client to please take her seat and apologized. She was such a sweetheart she held my hand and told me to take it easy and not be bothered by such people. Anyways so coming back to that woman whose name is Hina Khan because I’m going to stop referring to her as my client now. So by now Hina had gotten up and tried her best to make her way past the reception and yell at the employees who tried their best not to pay any attention to her which pissed her off more given how terribly she feeds on attention.

I swear everyone who knows me is well aware of the temper I have. But today… I literally am so proud of myself for the way I kept my cool (sorta). Believe it or not I was still asking her very politely to calm down. And yes, I even apologized for anything I might have said that she claimed was offensive. All I was asking her for was to please take it outside so my clients aren’t disturbed. Once we’d go out, I’d let her yell to her hearts content. But she, being the difficult person she is, refused again and this time she added that I was trying to kick her out. (even though God knows how bad I wanted to), She said she won’t leave. And that she’ll keep yelling until her husband gets there with a police mobile. I had to eventually call security for help and that’s where things just took a turn for the worst. She started verbally abusing the entire staff. Two of my employees went to calm her down AGAIN (of which one is pregnant and the other with a fractured arm) And she had the gall to get physical with both of them!! This was too much to take and I asked for my staffs help to escort her out FORCEFULLY after tireless efforts. It seemed to be working until she looked me dead in the eye for two seconds and punched my face with full force.

Oh and thank God for CCTV cameras because I have all her BS on video.
Anyways, my staff lead me out from the back gate and I left to gather myself. And I found out that Hina STILL REFUSED TO LEAVE!!! She sat in her car out-front and was insistent on that police mobile getting there. Which eventually did and that’s where this got real ugly.

Four men (ARMED) and without uniform stepped out of a police mobile and beat the crap out of my guard. (also armed) They snatched his gun and almost broke his leg. Next they beat up a 14 year old boy after finding out that he works here too. They made their way upstairs and my girls quickly locked all doors and called ADT security immediately. (upon arrival we learned that they too were helpless if the police is involved)

Those men trespassed without a warrant and vandalized my establishment! They entered a place full of women forcefully and scared all my girls. These men also went door to door and tried to kick every room open and tore the place apart. When my manager told them they can’t go any further they pushed her away and ENTERED THE MASSAGE SECTION WITH CLIENTS!!! They burst the door open and opened Every. Single. Curtain. Might I add this is where women lay with their bare backs.
I honestly couldn’t believe all this till i saw it with my own eyes. (CCTV)
These men also searched for the girls phones to erase the videos I made them record because there’s no audio in the CCTV footage.

Coming towards the end now, it was a very difficult day for me, my family and my girls. One mentally unstable woman managed to mess so much up. And I am so terribly and deeply saddened by the misuse of authority in this country. Despite taking extraordinary measures, my girls and I felt unsafe because of four men who were POLICEMEN. How ironic? Are these people here to make our lives easier or to further instill fright in our hearts and make us women tremble with fear? Those four men were government officers who came in a police mobile after Hina’s husband, a NAB director named Ausaf Mir Talpur had ordered them too.

After reaching korangi jail, Hina khan made her way with a new hairdo and scratches all over her face. This woman legit messed her hair up and started to limp across the police station as if she’d just gotten back from war. My mother and sister couldn’t believe the level of stupidity she possessed and decided not to comment on it.

This woman got my guard beaten up, trespassed (NO WARRANT) and scared my girls. Who’re out here making a living just like the rest of us. These women choose not to go work outside because of safety issues. Are people in this profession not safe anymore either? Is this the protection our government has to offer?
How can this absurd misuse of authority be stopped? And when can we tether our hopes to genuine law and safety? What happened today was unforgivable and I will make it my duty to make sure this psychotic woman pays for hurting my family, my staff and me. Please help me spread the word. JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED and all these imbeciles who think they can get away with misusing authority this way, need to be taught a lesson!
It is very difficult for me to publish every single detail with my mom’s brand on the line. But if this is the loss we must face then let it be, as long as it is purposeful and I can prevent others from suffering the way we did today.
PS: I will be uploading the CCTV footage, the videos I had girls make from phones and the news bulletin recording.”


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