Nadia Hussain Talks About Societal Pressures

Societal pressures are an unwanted part of every society, no matter how relaxed you are or whatever you have achieved in your capacity there still are theses expectations that are associated with every human being which are mostly burdensome and unnecessary. This pressure that society puts on a person stays with individuals to become perfectionists.

Nadia Hussein, a Pakistani Television Actress, Host, Model and an entrepreneur took to Instagram to share her views about societal pressures especially for women and young girls. Nadia said that in our society young girls are traumatized and pressurized with all the needless expectations like they are criticized for their eating habits and are expected to eat less to have a perfect figure. People don’t let them play outside so as to have the perfect complexion and tone. They are made miserable by telling them again and again that they need to get married because it’s the right age and it might be now or never.


Nadia said that she, being a mother of beautiful daughters feels concerned about these pressure society as a whole puts on girls and women. She further added that it’s not about being “gora” or “patla” it’s the well being of our girls that’s actually important.

In real life, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and that’s what makes us human and that’s where everyone should be given a margin.