Nadia Jamil Knows How To Deal With Trolls

Celebrities are trolled every other day. Their haters write hurtful and derogatory comments on their profiles. Recently, Pakistani actress and host Nadia Jamil posted about how she took care of poor boys who are now becoming an engineer.

Nadia Jamil Knows How To Deal With TrollsUnder this post, a boy named Muhammad Hamza Jutt posted a hateful comment and wrote, “Slut you  have a live heart.”

Nadia Jamil noticed this and calmly dealt with the hater in the best possible manner. She responded, “Putar Ji. Your Ami would be sad 2 hear you speak 2 a woman like this. Don’t dishonor her by using this language. It doesn’t just hurt the feelings of others beta Ji, it dirties your soul & your language. Think of what you said & why you said it. Then decide 2 choose kindness instead!”


Safina Jatoi is a content creator and editor at Reviewit. She loves to explore latest themes related to Pakistani Showbiz and Latest Happenings.

  • Talk about reporting half a story, it’s quite evidential but the comments on that post that he was trying to say “Salute you you have a lovely heart” but translate/auto correct was not on his side today.

    If this guy gets lynch mobbed it will be on your head Safina.

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