Nadia Khan’s Questions Leave Sahir Lodhi Speechless!!

Nadia Khan is known for her blunt questions. Now that she is hosting her own show and is in full control of the kind of questions she asks her guests, we have very often seen her asking questions which are rather inappropriate and very blunt . Different guests react to these questions in different ways. Some like Sohai Ali Abro and Imran Abbas answer them with great confidence but some others are surprised that they are being asked personal and strange questions.


Sahir Lodhi has a great deal of exposure in media and he hosts his own Morning Show too so there is no denying the fact that this man has loads of confidence. Even this confident man was speechless and shocked when Nadia Khan asked him questions like if he has ever got waxing done. When he was stunned to hear this question and also embarrassed she said that it was something very normal and also asked the secret behind his arms which were very smooth. Nadia Khan also said to Sahir Lodhi that he needed to gain some weight because he did not look good.


Nadia Khan did not stop there, she also questioned him whether he got Botox or fillers done and when he replied in negative she said that his sister loved getting them done so why not him!!!! Nadia Khan confused Sahir Lodhi so much with her questions that he could not believe he was expected to answer such queries.


Watch the video clip here: