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Nargis Fakhri Talks About The Print Ad Controversy

Nargia Fakhri became the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons when her picture which was considered indecent by many was seen on the front page of every Urdu daily. Many people thought that Mobilink should have known better than to objectify a women like that to sell their product. Others questioned whether it was the model they were selling or their latest product. People criticized this act mostly because it was on the front page of every newspaper which is read by people all ages. The picture looked obscene and had nothing to do with the product which Mobilink was selling. After criticism from people some newspapers took the picture off but others said that so long as they were getting paid for the advertisement, it was going to stay there.




Nargis Fakhri decided to share her stance with people because she was the model in the advertisement so people questioned her too for posing in such a way. She said,

“I’ve been with Mobilink as their brand ambassador for the last three years and there has never been an issue like this. I was unaware that they would consider using this visual for a mainstream newspaper ad – an Urdu daily as it was never meant to be.”


Nargis was just as shocked to see the advertisement in the centre of front page of every Urdu newspaper. She shared,

“Culturally too, my team and I are aware and respectful of what visuals work for which mediums, markets and audiences and hence, given the brand’s firm penetration in the Pakistani market, we left it up to their expertise to use the images appropriately.”


The model and actress shared these details when she was talking to Pinkvilla.