Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 08!

Oh wow!!! I am in love with this drama. I think after Sadqay Tumhare & Diyar-e-Dil, Preet Na Kariyo Koi is also the best drama that Hum TV has produced this year. It happens quite rarely that when I’m watching a drama, my whole attention is drawn towards it & this time around too, especially in this episode, the direction & the acting was so intense & top-notch, that I forgot about everything & couldn’t stop wondering what’s going to happen next & for me, this is a definition of a quality work which Preet Na Kariyo is all about.

Sadly, the world has turned upside down for Shagufta Shehzadi. I loved how they showed Shagufta’s struggles, whether they were financial, emotional or physical. Shagufta never in her dreams would’ve thought that she’d live a day like this where she will be totally uncertain about the next second that will come in her life. With Shams gone, she knew she won’t be able to do anything on her own, that is why she approached Suleri, then Shams’s family, then her own family, then Saima’s mother, then her friends & eventually her professor who ended up helping her getting back on her feet.

I loved how they showed that Shagufta felt trapped but still made every single move in order to bring herself out of the misery. Shagufta does understand that the problem that she is facing is not simple but even in such tough circumstances, she decided to do something about it rather than feeling helpless & hopeless. Suleri obviously didn’t want to help Shagufta at this point that is why he left without even notifying her. I hope that after this, Shagufta does understand that Suleri is someone who shouldn’t & who can’t be trusted because he only extends help to a certain extent & when he sees that he is not being benefited from it, he takes a step back. Actually, I was amazed at the way Zareena analyzed the whole situation & made Shagufta aware of it as well. Zareena proved that she might seem absent minded or oblivious of her surroundings, she keeps her ears open & perfectly understands what Mushtaq is up to. I think it was actually Zareena’s testimony that made things clear for Shagufta & she understood that she has to fight no one else but Shams’s family member, his elder brother Mushtaq only.

I feel all the things that Zareena said highlighted the fact that Shams is actually quite gullible & he doesn’t have a mental strength to think things through properly. Shams is quite emotional as it has been shown already, he makes decisions without even thinking about the consequences & this is exactly the reason why he allowed his brother Mushtaq to use him for his own benefit. Shams did what he was told to do by both; Mushtaq & Suleri but he never bothered about sitting back & analyzing the whole situation as to how they both were using him. I love this fact about the drama that all the things they showed about the characters in the initial episodes are now being brought back in different situations & it is making perfect sense. Shams believed in doing everything at the spur of a moment & that is why he has landed himself in a deep trouble, whereas Shagufta was shown as someone who would do anything for someone she loves, that is why she never once used Shams’s condition to seek sympathy & in stead, she kept on hiding the reality because she knew if she would speak about it, people will not only hold her responsible for her condition but will badmouth Shams as well & this is something that she didn’t want at all.

Finally, Shagufta found out about her father as well & even before she could absorb what she had heard, she was thrown out of the house. With her husband gone & a baby on the way, the last thing Shagufta wanted to hear was about her father’s death. I actually felt bad for her that the only emotional support she longed for was gone too & that is when she decided she had to get herself together & be strong because nothing else was working for her & the only person who could help her was Shagufta herself.

I think there’s a reason why they didn’t show the actual scene of how Shams shot Majeed. At first I thought it was because Mushtaq was fabricating a lie but later when Shams admitted himself, I still felt there was more to it that even Shams wasn’t aware of. I did have a feeling that the way Mushtaq was persistent & the way he was being pally with the police officer was all because he had a hidden agenda. I think it was very wise of Shagufta to get in contact with her professor. Even though she didn’t want to tell him everything, Khalid understood that she was in deep trouble & she needed his help. I think the solution that he & his friend came up with was perfect for her & was exactly something that she needed. I really like how they showed that there’s always a way & a helping hand if someone yearns for it. Despite the fact that Shagufta was skeptical, she agreed because Khalid showed a lot of faith in the solution he came up with & this is what we want in our dramas, we want them to show us the solutions & stronger women who decide to work against all the odds & fend for themselves no matter how dire the situation must be.

Overall, this episode was so engaging that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. The performances were phenomenal & everyone did their jobs well. I loved the bits of Zareena & Mushtaq because their acting was spot on but but but, I have said it a lot of times but will say that again, I feel Hira is the star of the show. Her minute expressions when she gets to know about her father’s death, her attempt at lying to her professor when he is trying to find out the truth, she really has done a perfecttt job as Shagufta. I may not be a fan of Hira’s personality but I am sold at her acting & I think I won’t be missing out on any upcoming projects of Hira because she has emerged as a very strong actress & I like watching her on-screen. I must say, she looked absolutely beautiful in the no-makeup look, she has never looked so pretty before. The preview of the next episode promised a lot more drama where things will open up a little more about Shams’s case & Shagufta Shehzadi will emerge stronger & confident than ever. I can’t wait to see more. Please share your thoughts about this amazing amazing amazing episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi! :)

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