Naveen Waqar And Haroon Shahid To Star Together!

Naveen Waqar won appreciation for her acting with her portrayal of Sara in Humsafar. The actress has since then gone on to win hearts with different types of characters. Be it her simple avatar in Mol, a strong headed woman in Be Inteha to a grey role in Mah e Tamam, Naveen has always surprised the audience with her performances. Recently, she worked in Mah e Tamam which aired on HUM TV and garnered decent ratings. 654edfyuk Haroon Shahid, previously known for his rock-staresque performances entered the world of acting by the way of cinema and none less than Shoaib Mansoor directorial Verna. He starred opposite superstar Mahira Khan in the lead role. Now, he will be working alongside the other Humsafar girl, Naveen Waqar. This will be Haroon’s drama debut as he will play the lead role in the upcoming Tajdeed e Wafa. This will mark Haroon’s drama debut after we saw him on the silver screen. 7ytfgbnm Tajdeed e Wafa is directed by Ilyas Kashmiri. He has also previous;y directed plays like Khamoshi. It will be interesting to watch Haroon and Naveen as a pair on screen. Screenshot 2018 09 07 21 01 42 1 1 Let’s wait and see what the story holds for us and how do the leads look together? Are you guys excited for this one? Share in comments!

Pakeeza Dar